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#Free E-pub ë Brandon (Anderson Billionaires, #3) Ä From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melody Anne comes the third and final book in the Anderson Billionaires series—a feelgood romance about learning to trust and believing in happy endingsAir force pilot turned electrician Brandon Anderson never thought he’d have money or security, so the inheritance he and his brothers receive from his billionaire uncle seems too good to be true Brandon can’t help but wonder if there are strings attached After all, his uncle loves to meddle…Working alongside his brothers to build a new veterans center, Brandon just wants to get the job done That all changes when his uncle asks Chloe—the beautiful and confident daughter of a famous chef and food critic—to design the center’s kitchen Brandon and Chloe have a steamy chemistry, but he struggles with allowing himself happiness, and Chloe is a perfectionist determined never to be in a longterm relationship Now Brandon has to convince her to finish this job with himBrandon and Chloe are used to putting work first, but as they grow closer, they’ll learn that even a reallife love story can have a fairytale ending

10 thoughts on “Brandon (Anderson Billionaires, #3)

  1. Maggie [storme reads a lot] Maggie [storme reads a lot] says:

    This is my first time reading this author, and I thought she does welll with romance, I would read the other books in the series. And I really do love this cover.

    Brandon and Chloe have a one night stand. which happens. Then he wants to be with her. And she is like no. So this is them learning to fall in love and be together, which I thought was sweet and fun. This book is pretty quick to read, and the romance is nice. You do get the other books MCs in this, but you can still pick up those books to see how they got to this point. Overall. This is a great romance and I would read the other books in the series.

    I thought how the story talked about veterans and how they need to be treated than they are was great. and it is true. I like when books give you real life applications and things to think about.

    Thank you NetGalley and Montlake for the ARC in exchange For an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own/

  2. Christine Jalili Christine Jalili says:

    I’ve loved each book in this series so far. Love how much Brandon falls for Chloe. But she sure is resisting having a relationship. Good old Uncle Joseph Anderson sees what a great match they’d make. Brandon and Chloe have so much chemistry and Brandon slowly shows her how much she means to him. Love the sense of family they both have. It’s a very sweet and sexy story with a great happy ever after. I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy through NetGalley and I highly recommend this book.

  3. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    💝 ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 💝

  4. Susanne Scott Susanne Scott says:

    I love the Anderson family and Brandon is the third book in this new series. Joseph Anderson is up to his old tricks of matchmaking Brandon and Chloe. The attraction is already there and Chloe is trying her hardest to fight it. I really enjoy the fact that Brandon (just like his brothers) are the one who are first to fall in love and they set about pursuing their hearts desire. Brandon has to overcome his own fears of commitment and forget his playboy ways if he wants Chloe to believe him. I love how he’s all in and never gives up on Chloe. The moment Chloe realises she can’t fight her feelings any more is beautiful as everything aligns and she falls in love.
    I can’t wait to read the last two brothers stories and visit again with them.

  5. Stephanie Panach Stephanie Panach says:

    Sometimes an author gets so deep into a series that the next books in the series that they lose the story line of the present book. Even though we didn't see a lot of the extended family - I felt like we spent most of the book talking about where things had been. Joseph Anderson's matchmaking skills (and how Chloe was resisting being matched with Brandon). We also spent a lot of time talking about the friendship between Chloe, Brooke, and Sarah. I felt like Chloe and Brandon's relationship somewhat got lost along the way. Maybe it was a lack of tension? I'm not sure exactly where things went wrong for me.

    Chloe is resistant to a relationship with Brandon - to a quite extreme degree. She slept with him after her best-friend's wedding to Brandon's brother - but wanted it to be a one-night stand. Brandon was no on board with that and was determined to fight to date her. Chloe is a perfectionist and very independent. She is a strong business woman and doesn't f...

  6. Miranda Miranda says:

    Entertainment right off the back. The prologue sucked me in and meddling Joseph Anderson cracks me up!
    He gets what he wants and his next “project” is to bring his nephew together with a wonderful woman named Chloe.

    Within Chapter One and I was completely hooked with Brandon and Chloe!
    Chloe fights the attraction she has with Brandon because relationships aren’t perfect and she was raised to live by complete perfection. Anything less is a failure.
    The electric attraction, the pull and tension between these two just keeps you at the edge of your seat. I felt almost tortured (in a good way) for these two to just come together and live HEA.

    The Andersen Family have been working hard on creating a Veteren’s Center to give back to their community. The discussion around this is amazing and heart warming as it hits on the current need to take care of our soldiers as they take care of our country for us.
    So much I wish th...

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    I really enjoyed the other books in this series so I jumped at the chance to read this. Former Air Force Pilot now electrician Brandon Anderson never had money or security but then he and his brothers inherit from their billionaire Uncle. He figures there are strings attached his Uncle likes to meddle.

    The brothers are working on building a new  veteran center. He wants to get the job done then Brandon meets Chloe she is the daughter of a famous chef and food critic. He asks her to design the Veteran Center kitchen. Chloe and Brandon have sparks but she doesn't want a long term relationship and Brandon finds it hard to let himself have happiness. Can they get through their problems and find happiness together?

    I really have enjoyed this book Brandon's Uncle Joseph is a real character.  It is a fast quick read. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Chloe really resistant to having a relationship. Now this book might not be for e...

  8. Holly Doyal Holly Doyal says:

    3.5 stars

    I'm not really sure where to start with this review. I had not read the previous two books in the series (Finn & Noah) so I quickly read them before I started Brandon. I think I would have enjoyed Brandon better as a stand-a-lone book. Reading them in a row was too much. All three stories are basically the same - man sees woman and decides he loves her / can't do without her; woman tells him under no circumstances will she go out with him; man continues to chase woman until she finally breaks down and goes out with him; woman constantly second guesses (no really like guesses for the millionth time) going out with him because it is going to hurt her so bad when he finally leaves her; they get engaged before they ever say I love you to each other and then they marry.

    Seriously - that's the plot FOR ALL THREE BOOKS. I'm assuming the final two brothers will have books as well, but I won't be reading them. Because I'm sure I've already p...

  9. Serenechaosnyc Serenechaosnyc says:

    I actually have the first book in this series by Melody Anne and it's on my TBR list but I haven't gotten to it yet. However, I was happy to see that NetGalley had an early copy of this book (third in the series) and so I settled in to read this book. The premise is that Chloe and Brandon had a one night stand and Brandon was enamored with her. Chloe, while attracted to Brandon, didn't want a relationship. But Brandon is persistent- can he overcome her really really high walls to get their HEA?

    I think the issue I had with this book was, well, Chloe. I don't think I understand why she is so anti-relationship. Her parents were hard on her but by her own account, not unloving. I didn't feel such a strong chemistry between the characters which would explain why Brandon would keep going to Chloe even though she wasn't very nice to him.

    I did like the peek into the other characters featured in earlier books. While this is standalone, there was freque...

  10. Ri Ri says:

    I have been a huge fan of the Anderson's and all their many series. It has always been bittersweet thinking about them ending. I was worried after the last book, that maybe the time had come for the series to move in a different direction and start anew since I really struggled with that book being like so many of the others. This book was a bit better.

    I love the connection between the characters as they always find their one. Although this book felt like the focus was on friendships more than the deep-rooted reasons as to why Chloe couldn't be with Brandon. I found myself wanting more focus on their story than the matchmaking of Joseph or the friendships. In the end it turned out fine and that is why I am rounding up to four stars. The ending was just odd to me though, I am assuming it will be explained in the next book but didn't leave me with much in regards to a conclusion or insight into how this will tie to Crew.