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( KINDLE ) ☪ Carmilla ☨ An adaptation of Shaftesbury s award winning, groundbreaking queer vampire web series of the same name, Carmilla mixes the camp of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the snark of Veronica Mars, and the mysterious atmosphere of Welcome to Nightvale Newly escaped from the stifling boredom of a small town, college freshman Laura is ready to make the most of her first year at Silas University But when her roommate, Betty, vanishes and a sarcastic, nocturnal philosophy student named Carmilla moves into Betty s side of the room, Laura decides to play detective Turns out Betty isn t the first girl to go missing she s just the first girl not to come back All over campus, girls have been vanishing, and they are completely changed when or if they return Evendisturbing are the strange dreams they recount smothering darkness, and a strange pale figure haunting their rooms Dreams that Laura is starting to have herself As Laura closes in on the answers, tensions rise with Carmilla Is this just a roommate relationship that isn t working out, or does Carmilla knowthan she s letting on about the disappearances What will Laura do if it turns out her roommate isn t just selfish and insensitive, but completely inhuman And what will she do with the feelings she s starting to have for Carmilla Produced by Shaftesbury, and available on the YouTube channel KindaTV, Carmilla is a global sensation A scripted transmedia series that puts a modern spin on the cult classic gothic vampire novella by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, Carmilla has generated overmillion views andmillion minutes of watch time across three seasons since its launch inIt has been translated intothanlanguages and also been made into a feature film Author Kim Turrisi brings her trademark humor and sensitivity to an adaptation that offers a deep dive for existing fans and a portal for new fans around the worldKim Turrisi is a Daytime Emmy award winning writer and the author of the YA novel Just a Normal Tuesday Kim lives in the Los Angeles area, where she works as director of special projects for SCBWI