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I ll be perfectly honest, this was my first KM Shea book, and the first time I read it, I really enjoyed it I loved the world that was set up between these two kingdoms and further afield, it gave an interesting take on the original fairy tale, and I thought that the main characters had a lovely relationship Now, having read a few installments of the series and returned to this one, I m afraid to say that the bloom is very much off of the rose.It s not necessarily that the story series is badly written, that they are deeply frustrating in their mediocrity Character emotions are often simply stated baldly, without much to indicate them in tone or behaviour much as I like love interest Friedrich, he seems to grow very serious about Cinderella out of the blue, with Cinderella herself often reacting in an awkwardly matter of fact manner a common trait among Shea s protagonists The story takes its time dealing with Cinderella s problems, a plotline that does provide a nice, fresh perspective on her position of enforced servitude, but then seems to panic as it remembers that it is, in fact, a retelling of Cinderella The ball and everything that comes afterwards is rushed through in the final two chapters Cinderella s stepfamily, who I would have loved to have seen exploration of, appear once or twice before they and their potential are cast aside, while the fairy godmother is even of an unexpected deus ex machina than ever before.Add to all of this the clunky narration and poor grammar my patience finally snapped when Cinderella spoke of Friedrich sewing his oats , and I was left very disheartened I still find this entry to be the best of the series thus far, and if you want a quick read that provides a light hearted and fresh take on the Cinderella fairytale, by all means, feel free to go for it Without some serious rewrites and editing, however, I doubt there s much to draw you back in. @Ebook Ü Cinderella and the Colonel (Timeless Fairy Tales Book 3) (English Edition) ¿ Cinderella may be a duchess, but her life is in tatters Orphaned, destitute, and living in a country recovering from a hostile takeover, Cinderella is desperate to save her lands and servants She is so determined that when terrible taxes are placed upon her, she dons servants clothes and works like a commonerUnfortunately, her sacrifices arent enough, and she is given one season to pay off her debt All seems lost, until Cinderella is befriended by the debonair Colonel Friedricha member of the Erlauf military and a citizen of the oppressing country that rules her homelandThough Friedrich shamelessly flirts with her and pesters her at all hours all the day, Cinderella wonders if he is than he appears to beand if together they could unite their lands against the bitterness and resentment that threatens to destroy themNDERELLA AND THE COLONEL is fairy tale retelling of love, sacrifice, adventure, and magic It is filled with humor, deception, and clean romance, and it belongs to the best selling series, TIMELESS FAIRY TALES The books in this series take place in the same world and can be read all together, or as individual, stand alone books If you love sweet romances and magical adventures, download a sample or buy CINDERELLA AND THE COLONEL today An intriguing retelling of the Cinderella fairytale with several interesting plot points I enjoyed several elements of this story but felt that it was ruined overall by the jarring spelling and grammatical mistakes that are endemic throughout In addition, the language used by all the characters is overwhelmingly modern American Cinderella saying wow just seems wrong on so many levels.It s a pity that these glaring errors combine to spoil an otherwise charming if you ll pardon the pun piece of light reading If the butchery of the English language fails to move you however, you re sure to enjoy this story Personally, as someone whose suspension of disbelief is ruined by such things, I strongly recommend that the author find a good editor who can correct these mistakes. This story takes the Cinderella story and makes it grown up and modern I really enjoyed this book and will read by this author, This was certainly a different telling of the basic Cinderella story but in many ways it did work This was a mixture of fairy story, romance, moral teaching and magic Sometimes the dialogue strayed into a modern exchange between the main characters and sometimes it was olde worlde which was odd Overall a fair enough free read Mit Cinderella hat diese Geschichte bis auf ein kurzes St ck am Ende zwar nicht sehr viel gemein, doch der Roman ist u erst schwungvoll geschrieben und aufgrund seiner sehr sympathischen Hauptfiguren, seines sprachlichen Witzes lange nicht mehr so gelacht und seiner positiven Weltsicht mehr als empfehlenswert.Die Botschaft, dass in einem Krieg in Wahrheit aufgrund der vielen Opfer niemand gewinnt und Vers hnung unbedingt erforderlich ist, um das Eindringen b ser M chte zu verhindern, verleiht dem Ganzen zudem noch einen tiefer gehenden Charme.Ein wahrhaft bezauberndes Buch waaaaay better than the original The name Cinderella, being derived from cinders fits the duchess who has to earn her livelihood A not so evil stepmother with two not so evil stepsisters are in the background of this delightful tale, together with all original elements.