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.E-pub Colorblind: A Story of Racism ♾ Keynote Johnathan, a fifteen year old African American from Long Beach, California, shares his story of being physically and verbally harassed because of his race, and of overcoming the discrimination to embrace all cultures, and then to be proud of his ownColorblind A Story of Racism is the third in a series of graphic novels written by young adults for their peers Johnathan Harris is fifteen, and lives in Long Beach, California, where he loves playing soccer with his friends, and listening to their favorite rapper, Snoop Dogg, a Long Beach native His mom, dad, and three brothers are tight, but one of the most influential family members for Johnathan is his Uncle Russell, a convict in prison, serving fifteen years to lifeUncle Russell taught Johnathan from a very young age to see people from the perspective of their cultures, and not just their skin color He imbued a pride of his ancestry and cautioned against letting hatred into his heart But when Johnathan was just eight years old, something happened that filled him with fear and the very hatred that Uncle Russell had warned him about What happened to Johnathan made him see that a dream of a colorless world was just that A dream That event shook him to his core Anger grew inside him like a hot coal Uncle Russell had told him to throw it away or you will get burned, but Johnathan was young and frightened He was having a hard time forgiving, much less forgetting Colorblind is Johnathans story of confronting his own racism and overcoming it It is a story of hope and optimism that all, young and old, should heed Zuiker Press is proud to publish stories about important current topics for kids and adolescents, written by their peers, that will help them cope with the challenges they face in todays troubled worldMichelle and Anthony E Zuiker are the founders of Zuiker Press The husband and wife couple develop and publish real storiesof young people suffering from issues that affect children every dayMrs Zuiker is anyear educator fromLasVegas, Nevada Mr Zuiker is well known as the Creator Executive of the CSI Crime Scene Investigation franchise on CBS the most successful TV show inglobal history Johnathan Harris is a fifteen year old African American from Long Beach, California He isthe youngest of four brothers in aclose knit family His father is a deputy probation officer, and his mother is a registered nurse He loves to play competitive soccer, tackle football, and is an ardent fan of rap music, especially Snoop Dogg, Long Beachs native son Johnathan hopes that his story about overcoming racism will help others to see multi culturalism, not color IllustratorGarry Leach is a British artist best known for his work co creating the new MARVELMAN with writer Alan MooreAs an artist Garry was a frequent contributor toAD, working on DAN DARE, JUDGE DREDD, THE VCs, and FUTURE SHOCKSAt DC Comics, Garry worked on the LEGION of SUPERHEROES, HIT MAN, MONARCHY, and the GLOBAL FREQUENCYGarry has been a cover artist for DC Comics, AD, Virgin Comics and Dynamic Forces, andinked Chris Weston on THE TWELVE for Marvel Comics