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@DOWNLOAD PDF à Combat Swimmer: Memoirs of a Navy Seal ¿ Subtitled Memoirs of a Navy Seal , Captain Robert A Gormly tells his amazing story as the leader of the US Navy SEALs, taking us into the night, into the water and into battle on some of the most hair raising missions ever assigned Rising through the chain of command within the SEALs from platoon leader to commanding officer, Gormly s journey began with a chance meeting on a Virginia beach Qualifying for the Navy s elite Underwater Demolitions Unit the precursor of the SEALs Gormly became an expert at underwater reconnaissance and guerrilla style warfare As a member of the newly formed SEAL Team Two, Gormly was trained to a fine fighting edge just in time for the war in Vietnam The SEALs created a legend that would grow throughout the war and earn an enemy bounty for anyone who could capture or kill a US Navy SEAL But behind the myth and mystique was a remarkable fighting machine, a team of soldiers who knew their job and maintained their discipline in the face of firefighters, ambushes, and missions gone horribly wrong In Gormly s vivid, gut wrenching descriptions, the Mekong comes alive, as hours of careful stalking explode into incredible fusillades of violence including one in which Gormly s hand was nearly shot off His unprecedented acts of heorism and daring brought Gormly recognition as well as numerous awards for both the success of his strikes and his ability to bring his men back alive In a career that included two tours of duty in Vietnam, as well as top secret missions in the Persian Gulf, Gormly examines war from a strategic point of view as well as from his own personal experience With insight and eloquence, he goes on to chronicle SEAL life after Vietnam, including what is perhaps the most graphic description ever of SEAL action in the chaotic invasion of Grenada