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@Free Epub á Dark Sun And Other Stories (CHERUB) î Who would believe that a kid at a sleepover could be a spy CHERUB Dark Sun is a short novel aimed at new readers to CHERUB, originally written for World Book Day and now made available in print again by popular demand To go with it are three stories never before seen in print The Switch, CHERUB at Christmas and Kerry s First Mission For official purposes, these children do not exist

15 thoughts on “Dark Sun And Other Stories (CHERUB)

  1. Dan Dan says:

    Amazing author fast delivery would use them again for purchasingThanks

  2. Yeet Yeet says:

    I love the characters that Robert has used and how it takes on a pathway of betrayals , love and stunning missions

  3. B. B. says:

    a good read

  4. Jo Jo says:

    Love this series.

  5. Tagarela Tagarela says:

    My son is 12 and has completely devoured this series An excellent read, especially the first 6 books I read them too Brilliant

  6. Hawa lloyd Hawa lloyd says:

    Great read

  7. ludax ludax says:

    11yo boy loves it

  8. Amouse Amouse says:

    I purchased this for my son, he devoured the book in a matter of hours and enjoyed this read very much

  9. Jeremy Williams Jeremy Williams says:

    I love these amazing side stories, I just wish they were longer and of them Even though they were short they were intriguing, I just wish there would be books like this in the series

  10. Lilly Lilly says:

    This is a book u should read after finishing the entire series it Makes everything better to understand I highly recommend

  11. nzinus nzinus says:

    Reaaaaaaaaaaalllllly good Love the book please everyone read it Cherub is a good book for teenagers and preteens Don t recommend for anyone under 11

  12. Adam Johnston Adam Johnston says:

    Very interesting but the stories are to short but still extremely cool.The only reason I d didn t give it 5 stars was because the story s were to short.

  13. Ollie Ollie says:

    Dark Sun, is a book about two CHERUB spies The spies names are Rat, and Andy Lagan Rat s job is to befriend George, the terrorists son and then go to his house and sabotage his dad s missile blueprint They end up having a sleepover, and Rat invites his friend Andy a CHERUB spy to the sleepover They sedate George, one of his friend s, and his mom before they begin working The mission goes extremely well, and the two agents succeed in sabotaging the missile blueprint This book is amazing for all readers who love espionage themed books This book, Dark Sun, is completely flawless The writing is both funny, and interesting at the same time Although Dark Sun s starting is a little tough to understand, it s still a superb book I can connect this book to the hardships I face on a daily basis If you are looking for ...

  14. Samantha Faraci Samantha Faraci says:

    It was a really great book that filled in what happened between books I would recommend this book to everybody