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10 thoughts on “Dead in the Water

  1. Cody | CodysBookshelf Cody | CodysBookshelf says:

    This is the second Abyss Paperback I’ve read, and I’m discovering this: these horror novels are grotesque, challenging, and often buck typical horror tradition. And while Nancy Holder’s Dead in the Water doesn’t quite reach the levels of The Cipher, it is still a very good, and involving, story.

    Like Kathe Koja’s debut novel, Water is psychologically demanding and does not give up all its secrets at once . . . or even when the final page is turned. And unlike The Cipher, this novel is filled with likable characters the readers can root for — characters I was afraid for, too.

    Despite a somewhat flabby middle section, this is a gripping and horrific nautical novel about ghosts and possession and cabin fever. And unlike many genre novels, this one definitely sticks the landing — thus rendering any flaws in the chapters leading up to the climax forgivable. The last two chapters are chilling, and I am happy to say the author thoroughly shocked me in ...

  2. Amy Amy says:

    This is the freakiest, and perhaps the most frightening book I have ever read. Passangers aboard the freighter Morris believe they are headed toward Hawaii for vacation. Will they ever get there? No. The Morris goes under and the shipwrecked passengers are rescued by the Pandora. Are the passengers saved? No. The Pandora is a ghost ship and the passengers - the young and wealthy married couple, Phil and Elise Van Buren; John Fielder and his cancer-stricken son Matt; Donna, a cop haunted by memories of a boy who drowned; and Ruth, an old lady who dreams of her dead husband - will drown one-by-one haunted by their fears, desires, and many others who have drowned before them in the fog. This book was excellent, gripping, original, deserving of the Bram Stoker Award! I highly recommend it, but beware of the message in the bottle.

  3. Shadowdenizen Shadowdenizen says:

    3.5 stars. Given I am the perfect target audience for this book, I feel like I should have liked it WAY more than I did.

  4. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    This book began incredibly well, with an unsettling and eerie atmosphere and vibrant writing, but it quickly got incredibly boring, dull and unoriginal to the point where I was happy to be done reading it and then I donated it to a thrift store so that it wouldn't take up space. :(

  5. Jeannie Sloan Jeannie Sloan says:

    Good god!!!What a scary book.The first part had me on the edge of my seat chewing on my nails!I can see why it won the Bram Stoker for 1994.
    It starts out chilling in telling you how you are going to drown and doesn't let up from there.
    This is a story about a bunch of people who are in a ship wreck and what happens to them once they are rescued from the sea.There are a lot of twists and turns so that the story keeps you off balance but you know something terrifying is just around the corner.And boy is is scary.
    You have to read this book to get the full flavor of terror.I was not particulrly scared of water before I read this book.Now I am not so sure that I want to play in the waves anymore on shore.

  6. Julie Julie says:

    The prologue to this book is a taut piece of suspenseful writing. I was so excited to read the rest, but unfortunately it's a hot mess: repetitive, full of offensive stereotypes and murky in narrative. The book is so overstuffed with stream-of-consciousness narration and baroque tableaus that at several points of the book I couldn't even tell what was supposed to be going on. That a female author would conjure female characters as shallow as Donna Almond and Elise Van Buren-Hadley is truly disappointing. Perhaps Ms. Holder is better off as a short-story author.

  7. Thomas Thomas says:

    I remember liking this book back when it came out, but lordy, that was twenty-two years ago! A lot's changed since then, both in writing trends and in my own experience (which, let's be honest, plays as much into a story's success as the writing itself), so it's interesting to revisit the story with that perspective in place. I was surprised to realize I remembered pretty much nothing about this story, save it was set on a cruise.

    Holder starts the story off well, with an opening that conveys the proper dread, atmosphere, and unease, without a single drop of blood or ounce of viscera. I appreciate horror that can do this, and it raised my expectations for the rest of the story. Unfortunately, she doesn't maintain that style once the story proper gets going. But man, those first eight pages would make an excellent short story.

    We're introduced to our main character and the secondaries in the first few chapters, and everything is progressing well, but once we ge...

  8. Taylor Preston Taylor Preston says:

    From the first sentence to the last, this story baits, hooks, and reels you in, taking you on a journey of physical, emotional, and psychological horror. With a cast of rich, well developed characters, which include a tough-as-nails female cop, a doctor and his cancer-stricken nine-year-old boy, an elderly woman in search of her husband, and a young couple trapped in a failing marriage, Holder makes you invest in the lives of these people right from the start. You care what happens to them and that's what makes this novel so terrifying. Interweaving references to poetry such as Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Sandburg's Fog, as well as pop culture like John Carpenter's The Fog, Dead in the Water is the perfect marriage of literary and popular fiction. At its core it is a character oriented novel, with every plot twist, every horrific image, every incident reinforcing the character's fears and emotional trauma. Holder doesn't pull her punches. When bad stuff happens, it ...

  9. Laura Laura says:

    This is not a good book, but it was kind of fun to read for the super corny dialogue and a few well-written horror scenes. Overall, though, the plot was unnecessarily convoluted, and the way Holder wrote her main character seemed to be more influenced by hundreds of years of bad male writers writing women than anything she knew about women to be actually true. Kind of a bummer.

  10. TheCrookedHouse TheCrookedHouse says:

    After reading some of the reviews for this book, it's clear that either the reader loves it or hates it with very little in the way of luke warm feelings. I, for one, really enjoyed it. It's, by far, one of the better books published in the Dell Abyss line...and I've read several.

    Yes...we all have seen movies and heard the stories of haunted ghost ships but how many of us can actually count more than say one or two books that we own that hit this trope head on? No? I didn't think so (lol). Seriously, Nancy did a remarkable job with the storyline. The characters were fun and interesting and easy to keep track of. They had real and effective personalities that made me want to know what happened next. AND...her descriptions of floating and drowning were remarkable! It was entirely believable and I could imagine the entire process of being submerged and growing panic. That is what I'm here for....effective writing skills, pulling me under *pun intended.

    In s...