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FREE EPUB Â Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies æ A filmmaking book for kidsDo you want to learn how to make your very own digital films This book shares over twenty stepbystep projects designed to teach the basics of creating videos perfect for sharing online Get ready to announce, Lights, camera, action Know your angle explore different types of camera shots and angles to use in your films Build the skills come up with a story, write a script, and create a storyboard Let it roll film and edit your own short film to show off to family and friends Shoot video with a camera or phone Edit into a masterpiece Add your friends to your film crew Share your video online For Kids The fun and easy way for kids to learn new skills on their own Or with a little help from friends, family, and teachersNick Willoughby heads Filmmaking For Kids and Film Future, a pair of programs designed to teach kids agedthe various aspects of filmmaking Nick is also a writer and director forStream Media, a video and media production firm based in the UK