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(((READ E-PUB))) ⇷ Eternal (Eternal 2) ⇶ All her life, Della s secret powers have made her feel separated from her human family Now, she s where she belongs, at Shadow Falls With the help of her best friends Kylie and Miranda, she ll try to prove herself in the paranormal world as an investigator all the while trying to figure out her own heart Should she chose Chase, a powerful vampire with whom she shares a special bond Or Steve, the hot shapeshifter whose kisses make her weak in the knees When a person with dark connection to her past shows up, it ll help her decide which guy to choose and make her question everything she knows about herself

15 thoughts on “Eternal (Eternal 2)

  1. Miss M A Hilder Miss M A Hilder says:

    This is one of the most moving books I ve ever read As a teen I think it s a perfect mix of common teen problems and the impossibly fantastic world C C Hunter creates.

  2. Connor Caple Connor Caple says:

    Really enjoying the Shadow Falls series and after waiting for over a month for this book, I was not disappointed Review by Lindy Caple

  3. EmA EmA says:

    Excelent, I loved it and want to read the rest of this series.

  4. charlotte weaver Eat-Sleep-Repeat charlotte weaver Eat-Sleep-Repeat says:

    brilliant loved this book C C Hunter doesn t disappoint.

  5. Hydra Hydra says:

    Della Tsang didn t lean on people At least not many people Definitely not someone she barely knew Especially not someone who had basically caused the problem plaguing her Teil 2 hat mir genauso gut, wenn nicht sogar noch besser, wie Teil 1 Reborn gefallen Della beweist wieder einmal, dass nicht nur M nner Eier in der Hose haben Sie l sst sich zwar gerne von Burnett James, Mitarbeiter des FRU FBI f r bernat rliche Wesen , beraten, aber sie k mpft gegen seine chauvinistischen Ansichten und schafft es, ihn immer wieder zu erstaunen, sodass er ihr mehr zutraut.Nebenbei steckt sie mitten im Gef hlschaos Steve gesteht ihr etwas, das ihr komplettes Leben auf den Kopf stellt und Chase geht ihr nicht mehr aus dem Kopf.Ich habe jede einzelne Seite geliebt und dem Ende mit Schrecken entgegen geblickt Zwar bin ich froh, dass es dieses Mal nur eine Trilogie ist statt der f nfteiligen Reihe Shadow Falls Camp, weil damit die Geschichte nicht unn tig in die L nge gezoge...

  6. Readaholic Readaholic says:

    Aargh I just knew I shouldn t have started reading this series until all the books were published Now I m counting the days for the next release I love Della how she s so fierce, stubborn and sarcastic I found myself cheering her on and then being annoyed by her stubbornness I also like all the supporting characters The the story develops, the I want to know their stories Now I have to read Kylie s story in the previous series.I m really looking forward to seeing how Della evolves in the coming books.

  7. J.F.E. J.F.E. says:

    We follow everyone s favorite vampire Della Tsang as she comes to understand what it really means to be reborn Now she is confused what it means to be bonded with Chase while being in a relationship with Steve You can really follow the strains that the relationship is put through throughout the book.The series intensifies when Della and Chase start experiencing visions of two trapped vampires and both agree that they must be found Della is convinced that there is a connection between one of them and herself and also has to deal with demons in her own family including her ever strict father.Fast paced and full of suspension that will keep you reading until way past midnight This book is one of those that you just cannot put down In my personal opinion it is one of Hunter s strongest books to date and I can t wait for the final installment of the spin off

  8. Nicole K. Nicole K. says:

    C.C Hunter takes us to a fantastic camp with supernaturals and characters to love, laugh with, adore and suffer with.I like the mixture of fantasy and teen problems as well as the thrilling plot and some secrets to uncover.Easy to read in English, even for non natives.Be part of the Shadow Falls adventures

  9. Sharzi Sharzi says:

    Such a great series

  10. Leisha Andrews Leisha Andrews says:

    Love CC Hunter and loved the Shadow Falls books Really enjoying this follow on on the other characters can t wait for the next one

  11. tiffany bagnall tiffany bagnall says:

    Love love love

  12. Steven M. Brown Steven M. Brown says:

    This is a good second book of the trilogy that wraps up several points while also continuing and deepening some of the overarching plot points that started in the first book This is a ya series that is really only appropriate for those 15 and above The author creates in Della a deep character who is full of life and determined to do what is right There is a course plenty of teenage angst and drama but it is less of a factor in the after dark series Even though there is elements of a love triangle still about it does feel as if this book focus on one side of that triangle as we see Della open up I do not really like love triangles mainly because the end up almost all the time presenting the character as someone wishy washy and weak.The style in which the story is written in a way that the majority of the chapters contain a weak cliffhanger what you supposed to into the next chapter but in reality serves as a speed bump in pacing This may come down to my...

  13. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    The best book in the series yet Every one of the books in the Shadow Falls series, from the first to the last was fantastic This series of Shadow Falls After Dark..was that and some The story of Della and how she develops into a smart, caring and still feisty young lady is amazing Ms Hunter sure knows how to develop a character and have you grow with them Watch them make their mistakes and feel their pain as well You laugh, cry, and even feel the their heartache Their feelings, their insecurities and their successes become part of you It brings me back to my own teen years..so long agoand yet, as if it was yesterday Della, Kylie and Miranda bring back memories of my own dearest friends growing up a n thru High School It s as if I have become a part of their lives and they a part of mine I feel empty now that I ha finished this book in record time for me..one day I did not get any sleep last night..nor did cook any dinner yet for myself. I am going to be ...

  14. A. J. Powers A. J. Powers says:

    This book was packed full of action, secrets, revelations, and some pretty heartbreaking moments Once again there were some slow parts but not enough to take away from the story So many questions about Dellas family, at times I got a little confused I could not believe what happened with two of the characters I loved learning about Chase but hate that him working for the vampire council is going to ruin things The whole storyline involving the ghost was really good I hope Della doesn t react without giving him a chance.

  15. Amber Whitaker Amber Whitaker says:

    So far a good series Each author that writes books about vampires always tries to make them have different abilities than other authors I m not too big on the vampires abilities like running so fast they are flying in this series but the story line is good I m hoping that as I continue to read these books that I get to see of the other supernatural characters lives If not, then I would love to see a spin off involving any of them Several are underdeveloped but it makes the reader want to now about them.