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Naples, Italy 1943 The city is devastated by the grip of the Nazi occupation With the curator in the National Archives a plan to aid the Allies is being formed There are others who are also risking their lives to help spread the seeds of resistance The entire city of Naples is joining forces to take down the occupation Yet it is not only a story of resistance, it is a story of love, family bonds and pride in a place where you live.An amazing and moving story of a city where ordinary people find the courage to do what is necessary to save the city they love I have long been a fan of Historical Fiction, this story is above anything else I have read before Not a novel to forget, it is one I highly recommend My thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.. [[ Download Book ]] ⇶ From These Broken Streets ⇥ Roland Merullo, bestselling author of Once Night Falls, returns with a galvanizing historical novel of Nazioccupied Naples and the rage and resistance of a people under siegeItaly,The Nazi occupation has cemented its grip on the devastated city of NaplesGiuseppe DiPietra, a curator in the National Archives, has a subversive plan to aid the Allies If he’s discovered, forced labor or swift execution Lucia Pastone, secretary for the Italian Fascist government, is risking her own life in secret defiance of orders And Lucia’s father, Aldo, is a black marketeer who draws Giuseppe and Lucia into the underworld—for their protection and to help plant the seeds of resistance Their fates are soon intertwined with those of Aldo’s devoted lover and a boy of the streets who’ll do anything to live another day And all of Naples is about to join forces to overcome impossible odds and repel the Nazi occupiersInspired by a true historic uprising, From These Broken Streets is a richly layered novel of the extraordinary daring of ordinary people whose bonds of love, family, and unfaltering courage could not be broken This book is a historical fiction story set in Italy during World War II.The place and time intrigued me, but it had a very slow start When the characters finally capture me I had to finish the book.A good book, not my favorite,Thank you NetGalley for my ARC.