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I enjoyed every bit of it Growing up, I have only seen documentaries of the world bank but this book allowed me to live it Very subtle way of writing and really good enough to remain engrossed into it. It goes without saying that Roald Dahl would put together his experiences in the war without any trace of self praise.His comment on the management during his flying career is very telling As someone who lived thro the war and experienced as a young civilian the horror of being bombed I am still surprised that we won Only the input from the USA really made the difference Loved reading this book to my kids It is the second part of a what appears to be an Autobiography of Dahl The first was Boy but that has a glaring untruth that has been debunked It revolves around a master at Repton boys school who he says Crouned Queen Elizabeth II. If you know Roald Dahl only as an author of children s books, you should definitely read Boy, Tales of Childhood and this, Going Solo Going Solo follows Dahl as he sets out as a 22 year old to live and work in Tanzania then Tanganyika for Shell Whilst there, war is declared and Roald signs up for the RAF and begins flight training in Nairobi His description of flying over the Serengeti in the early morning takes you back to a different time One where Shell would pay your wages throughout the war to show their support, one where you had a boy to do your ironing and washing Once Dahl moves up to Libya and later, Greece, to join his new squadron, he captured the futility of war perfectly Decisions made by people putting on a show put lives at risk and the sadness of losing a generation to war is captured beautifully but not by preaching or tugging at the heart strings I told everyone I love that they must read this book as soon as I finished You can be absorbed for a few hours and live another life, somewhere long ago and far away. I thoroughly enjoyed these stories which are obviously based on Roald Dahl s experiences as a WW2 pilot They are so well written, entertaining, affectionate, sad and amusing often with a twist in the tail very Dahl. This is a perfectly well written account of Roald Dahl s life in the late 1930s and 1940s.It tells of his life as an employee in Africa, his experiences with deadly snakes and suchlike but it s his near death trauma when piloting a fighter plane in the early days of WW2 How he survived a massive crash landing in the middle of a desert and later his exploits as a Spitfire pilot battling against all the odds is quite amazing.Buy this book It s such a wonderful and true account of this chap s life before becoming one of the world s best authors. Having read boy I thought I would have a go at Going Solo, how glad I am I did A gripping tale of how Englishmen used to be, no moral judgements only obvious questions just an acceptance of how life was and how it was lived I found this book far captivating than any wartime work of fiction A true story of how brave young men done their part to keep England safe.Just a must read for anyone. This book was chosen with Boy by our Book club It was an interesting book following the post school years of Roald We were amazed with the wy pilots had so little training with their aircrafts There were stories with stories.A very enjoyable read.. I chose a few eBooks to take on holiday, this was one I chose without any research other than the fact it had received such good reviews and it was only 1.99 Little did I realise that my holiday destination overlapped with some of those in the book I went to Marmaris, Turkey and then a day trip to Rhodes It was hot and as I started to read the book sat on the beach it was all the easy to visualise the territories described in the book, they truly came to life This gives a simple, first hand account of Dahl s experiences as a trainee fighter pilot and then active service, bringing to life the harsh reality of Hurricane aircraft, Messerschmitts and machine gun bullets Dahl also relates to the beauty of the vast open spaces and deserted places Vivid descriptions and the simple reality of colleagues not coming back from missions yet another reminder of the futility of war, as if another one were needed It s quite a factual account of what happened and quite shocking when thinking of how the world is today Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet in Dec 2015, and as a result Putin had banned Russians from holidaying in Turkey We noted that numbers were down on last year when we were also there A poignant reminder that air battles are as futile and relevant today as they were in Dahl s time Excellent book, easy to read and an education of lesser known aspects of WWII. ↠ Going Solo ⇹ The second part of Roald Dahl s remarkable life story tells of his time working in Africa and his wartime exploits