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{DOWNLOAD KINDLE} á Happy Odyssey (English Edition) ⚪ Adrian Carton de Wiarts autobiography is one of the most remarkable of military memoirs He was intended for the law, but abandoned his studies at Balliol College, Oxford, into serve as a trooper in the South African War Carton de Wiarts extraordinary military career embraced service with the Somaliland Camel Corps , liaison officer with Polish forces, membership of the British Military Mission to Yugoslavia, a period as a prisoner of war , and three years as Churchills representative to Chiang Kai shek Churchill was a great admirer During the Great War, besides commanding the th Glosters, Carton de Wiart was GOCBrigadeand GOCBrigade AprilBoth these commands were terminated by wounds He was wounded eight times during the war including the loss of an eye and a hand , won the VC during the Battle of the Somme, was mentioned in dispatches six times, and was the model for Brigadier Ben Ritchie Hook in the Sword of Honour trilogy of Evelyn Waugh

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