~Book ♴ Learn to Make Great Digital Photos for 5 Bucks (Learn for 5 Bucks) ♤ PDF or E-pub free

~Book ⚆ Learn to Make Great Digital Photos for 5 Bucks (Learn for 5 Bucks) ☸ Learn to Make Great Digital Photos forBucks is a tight, bright, four color, quick reference manual for anyone who wants to learn to use their digital camera Written by an intelligent expert of digital photography, the text is integrated with large illustrations either photographs or software interface shots Brief tips or warnings at page bottom address any ancillary points not covered in the basic how to text There s nothing else Readers will quickly learn the fundamentals of using a digital camera your camera s basic features, how to shoot in different lighting conditions, tips for different kinds of shots portrait, landscape, close up , basic rules all the pros know, and thantips and secrets that help get the perfect shot, or maybe just save your day You ll also learn what to do with your images after you ve imported them into your computer managing your photo files, editing and cropping, printing, and emailing them to friends and family This book isn t designed to be a complete reference, but an irresistible impulse buy for people who don t normally buy books in this area or for people who just want to learn the basics This was a recommendation from my photography teacher The problem was finding a copy as it is out of print.If you find one buy it This covers all the tips you can imagine for digital photography for the new digital camerauser Much easier to use than the instructions that come with a new camera.