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Book is so well written It s interesting captivating really , thrilling and incredibly funny I don t remember there being anything negative about it Highly recommendbtw, I m 53 yrs old I was still enthralled [ FREE PDF ] ♶ Legendtopia Book #1: The Battle for Urth (English Edition) ⚕ Welcome to LEGENDTOPIA, where fantasy meets reality in a new series from the author of JOSHUA DREAD Two kids Kara, a girl from our world, and Prince Fred, a royal boy from the kingdomof Heldstone join forces to save UrthHave you ever been on a school trip that went totally, epically wrong Thats what happens when Kara visits Legendtopia, a fantasy theme restaurant with her class Shes just trying to retrieve her prized necklace when she stumbles through a small wooden door and into a magical world where dragons breathe fire and an evil sorceress is out to get her Luckily, Prince Fred is ready to be at Karas service Hes desperate for someone in the kingdom of Heldstone to recognize his braveryand he knows exactly how to handle ogres and elves But hes clueless when it comes to Urth, a mystical and thrilling place with cars and cell phones Thats exactly where he ends up when he follows Kara back through the door And hes not the only one after Kara Magic is spreading A dark kingdom is rising And the fate of not one, but two worlds rests in Karas and Freds hands