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The perfect end to a great series Though it is on the Younger side of young adult it was nice that the final book was from the perspective of Miranda and that no only did we get an insight into her life and her own little HEA but a HEA for the whole gang. I received this ARC from the author for an honest and voluntary review I was in no way compensated for this review.This is it you guys, the final book in C.C Hunter s Shadow Falls Shadow Falls After Dark series, and this time, it s Miranda s turn at the helm Midnight Hour brings a conclusion to the series but I feel like there could definitely be room for novellas should C.C ever feel nostalgic hint, hint There are plenty of characters I d like to know about but anyway, let s move on to the story In this one, we not only get Miranda s point of view third person but also Perry and Shawn s as well The ultimate love triangle scenario We basically get to see what everyone is thinking about this rather awkward situation And I say awkward because if you recall from her novella, Miranda was still heartbroken when Perry left her, again Shawn, an FRU agent who works with Burnett, as well as Lucas and Chase, is her current boyfriend But before you want to start playing the choose a team game I can honestly tell you that that doesn t happen here at all I can t remember how I felt about adding Shawn into the mix in the novella, he s a nice guy and all but since he just seems to pop up he never really cemented himself to me as a player for Miranda s heart Add to that, we don t really see any Miranda and Shawn time because once the chaos ensues, Shawn is off to work.Then there s Perry who decided to find his parents While his end goal is unclear to himself in the long run, he does know he wants them to pay for their crimes For his father, at least, is one of few who are robbing banks and other stores Perry is undercover playing the prodigal son returning to be with his parents when he s really working a case to help the FRU put his parent away for good And it s around this time that Perry suddenly pops back into Miranda s life and ensuing the emotional chaos that was abound to happen from the getgo the moment he left her.But Miranda has her own issues going on, after an outing with her half sister, Tabitha, goes terribly wrong and ends with them being in the hospital, Tabitha goes missing Things are quite chaotic in this one with the two cases and all the extenuating details But it s never overwhelming or confusing or too much In the meantime, Miranda goes through personal issues as well She s dealing with being dyslexic and trying to master her powers, learn to defend herself, and of course trying to pass the SATs so she can go to the same college as her friends Della and Kylie.All in all, I really really liked this one It was a nice way to say goodbye to some favorite characters ignoring that I still need to read the latest set of novellas Although I did have one little bitty issue that continued to nag at me every time it was brought up And yeah, I m talking about the issue of sex Lol First off, I have nothing against sex in YA As long as it s done well and right and all that jazz But when it comes up with Miranda and how she s still a virgin, I felt like it was getting a little too I m not sure what the word is Miranda wanted to wait until she met the right guy and had the right moment Which is great Truly But I recall what feels like a moment of pressure is on her I mean, both her friends have already had sex with their true loves and she was going to college hopefully soon I felt like it was suddenly her goal to not start college as a virgin That it was extremely important to have sex soon, but again, with the right guy at the right moment Just that both said guy and moment better happen soon It wasn t that she was sex craved or anything, but I couldn t help but feel like she was thinking she couldn t start college as a virgin Maybe it s just me and how I was reading things, but it s just one of those blaring reminders it seems that all teenagers should be having sex in high school or something Like waiting is such a bad thing Again, maybe I m just reading too much into it, quite possibly, but after reading a lot of YA and seeing sex in it, you start to see trends and see how you like to see things and how you don t like to see things Clich s vs good writing And for me, this one had a teeny bit too much clich But it didn t detract my enjoyment from the story that much I really loved watching Miranda and Perry together again Not that they get together right away, as I said, you can pretty much tell from the getgo who Miranda winds up with based on the things I mentioned earlier You see this even when changing points of view as few times as we did in the beginning of the book Miranda and Perry had their nice bantering going on again And of course Perry was determined to win her back from Shawn anyway, so he knew he had to be at his best And he was quite charming Though I felt like he had a moment of hypocrisy at the end, and while he vaguely acknowledge it, he still held to his qualms And I wanted to slap him for it But again, just a little tiny thing.I really enjoyed seeing Miranda at the helm this time around She was a fun character and I love that she is so different from Kylie and Della We really got a variety with these three friends and their stories They re all different, not just by paranormal type, but in other ways too I feel like I can relate to all of them because I see a bit of myself in all of them as well It was enjoyable series finale that ended on all the right notes.Despite being sad to say goodbye to these characters but again, still hopeful for secret novellas that may or may not exist Like one with Derek And maybe Shawn too I am happy with where they all ended And I am most excited to see what C.C Hunter will cook up next It s going to be quite the adventure, that much I feel sure of Overall Rating 4 5 stars Such a great series it was so hard to put down and kept me awake for many hours into the night. There are several plots points that have carried through short stories and other novels which are wrapped up quite nicely here Once again CC Hunter delivers a story that is about family, friends, and self confidence Focusing largely on Miranda we get to see her step into her own and out of the shadows of her two friends There is also povs from Perry and to lesser extent Shawn.Shifting through three povs does make the story a bit choppy, particularly considering the prevalence of Cliffhangers at the end of sections and chapters, but once Shawn s page time is reduced it works in the end Shawn s story is interesting but does feel like a third wheel only there because the author cannot send him to Paris Hunter tips her hand early on as to who he will end up with I only came across one editing error in a POV chapter where one name was supposed to be another but overall the quality is excellent.There is a lot less magic than you would expect about a book centering around a witch, a shape shifter, and a warlock It was disappointing but they are some good scenes or some magic happens Considering how awesome Miranda is it would have been cool to see her get into the action sooner I think this is partly due to the author not wanting to fully develope the magic system But the page time magic has the it has to be developed.This is a book for the reader to say goodbye to the series while elevating Miranda to the same status as Kylie and Della in terms of power and ability to be hardcore The motivations for Miranda and Perry deepen their characters and feel genuine While Miranda does have an interesting story Perry is active until the very end.I do think that anyone who enjoys young adult paranormal Romance will enjoy this book so long as they temper expectations There will be a lot of rehashing information between the characters which has happened throughout many of the books While the characters do think and discuss how they feel there is little time actually spent between them together.Overall I will end up reading the series again eventually because for all my complaints CC Hunter did write an engaging story with awesome characters doing some fun and crazy things Some of the warts of a series do come up with multiple readings but there are enough possibilities to spark the imagination. I loved this series I have read and reread shadowfalls, afterdark, the short stories several times I was sucked into the world This book did not disappoint It was nice to see of Miranda I just wish there was than one book like there was for Della It seemed cut short in the last chapter That was the only part I didn t like I am 31 and have a hard time finding books I can get dragged into I admit the first book born at midnight took me a while to get into, but once I was able to sit down uninterrupted I was hooked As soon as I saw this book I pre ordered it and was counting down the days I was only able to read it during my sons naps, but got through it in 3 days It is going to be hard to find another series like this If anyone has any recommendations I would be happy to hear them Great read Midnight Hour by C.C Hunter is the final book in the Shadow Falls series, which I have thoroughly enjoyed because of the clever wit, dynamic characters, in depth world building and the suspense that each book carries along with its own story I am sad that this series is ending and I hope to see works from C.C Hunter I give Midnight Hour a 5 star rating Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for the opportunity to read Midnight Hour by C.C Hunter The instant I began reading Midnight Hour by C.C Hunter, I was drawn back into the supernatural world of Shadow Falls I am sad that this book marks the end of the Shadow Falls series, but I am glad the author chose to write about Miranda as the main character Miranda and her half sister, Tabitha, visit an old witch that can supposedly tell anyone their future love story As soon as she gets started with Miranda and her love story, things become chaotic.C.C Hunter is a wonderful storyteller and brings the reader up to speed flawlessly Miranda and Tabitha are witches and are struggling to come to grips with the fact of their father having two families because he chose to cheat on his first wife Tabitha s mother Miranda and Tabitha unwittingly discover an age old cult that uses young witches to reproduce their progeny, so they can rule the world with witchcraft.Midnight Hour fits perfectly in the supernatural genre and has mystery, suspense, romance and conflict added into the mix I give it 5 stars for an indulging read While I had heard this was to be final Shadow Falls book one thing that took me by surprise was that it does take place after the Shadow Falls and Shadow Falls After Dark series, Having recently having C.C Hunter s Shadow falls E books release in paperback I was suspecting this to be a solo Miranda story which would lead up to her going to Shadow Falls Instead this is a wonderful story with Miranda searching for her missing step sister and discovering the depths of her magical powers along the journey. Since meeting Miranda in the first Shadow Falls book and following her through both Kylie and Della s book, I ve hoped she was going to get her own story And man did she ever Like with the rest of the Shadow Falls group, Miranda had two boys she liked the dreaded love triangle In this case, however, I was VERY happy with her choice Multiple points of view really made this story interesting and kept me guessing until almost the end who Miranda would choose.Sigh, great stories I loved them all. {E-pub} ó Midnight Hour: A Shadow Falls Novel ⚫ A missing sister, a heart in quandary, and a growing tattoo that no one understands The Shadow Falls franchise comes to a spectacular conclusion in this thrilling finale Being a dyslexic witch has never been easy for Miranda Kane, but her time at Shadow Falls helped her come into her true powers Now her life is thrown into chaos once again after a near death experience leaves her with a mysterious growing tattoo no one can explain To upend her world further, her sister is kidnapped by an underground Wicca gang intent on taking her powers and soul And her heart is a mess over whether to get back together with Perry or take a chance on a new love Will her friends at Shadow Falls save heror will she realise that she had the power to save herself all along What a great ending to the Shadow Falls Series This was Miranda s story, and had all of our wonderful and beloved characters to support her This book seemed to have less teenage angst than previous books, which is as it should be because the characters are all maturing and becoming young adults I will hate to see the series end, but it was a wonderful series and I love to re read all the books Thanks CC Hunter for many hours of joyful entertainment.