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(((DOWNLOAD EBOOK))) ⇺ Oprah Winfrey (Up Close (Puffin)) ⇻ The life of media mogul and humanitarian Oprah Winfrey is discussed with information about her thirty year career that has influenced radio, television, film, theater, magazines, and books Reprint

11 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey (Up Close (Puffin))

  1. dmandy dmandy says:

    This book arrived very quickly It is a good read better than i expected as some biographies are very repetitive, this wasnt Very intersting and courageous lady

  2. JEAN JAG JEAN JAG says:

    Interesting read.

  3. ian ian says:

    great book, good to know that people can rise from very difficult start in life.

  4. DaiBad DaiBad says:

    An OK resume of this celebrity

  5. Roddy Roddy says:

    Good service Great read.

  6. Amelia McCann Amelia McCann says:

    It was a very brief overview which was what I wanted, an ok read, ideal for short attention spans like mine

  7. Suzy Suzy says:

    Good read

  8. sfgal2010 sfgal2010 says:

    The first half was good It had details of this remarkable woman that was inspiring The second half read a bit rushed and cursory, with an abrupt and less than something ending I bought this for my Kindle At the 74% mark, the bibliography and endnotes started Disappointing Had I known, I would not have paid the 6.xx.

  9. Mrs. Pearring Mrs. Pearring says:

    I know about Oprah now I was never a fan because she comes off so judgmental I decided to read about her because she is successful and generous, I thought maybe I can learn something Now I have respect for her She s come a long way This book gives me hope.

  10. Dennis C. Brown Dennis C. Brown says:

    What can I say Oprah Winfrey Up Close was purchased for my wife and 95 year old mother in law They both love it And from my perspective, the book arrived in a timely fashion in good condition and was purchased for an excellent price Good buy for me

  11. J*Crochet J*Crochet says:

    I thought this was a really good book I learned alot about Oprah s life, alot of things I did not expect Up Close books are great books and I would recommended all Up Close books to anyone intrested in reading.