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#FREE E-PUB ⛈ Outcry - Holocaust Memoirs ¿ A shockingly realistic view of the atrocities committed during the HolocaustThis is truly a wonderful book of adversity in the extreme, overcoming adversity, and triumph over perseverance This nonfiction also examines the depths of humankind How low can man goI m so glad this man has survived, and persevered through the vagaries of life to write this memoir All discerning, caring peoples, all those that believe in truth over force, all those that believe in the ultimate good of mankind should read this book and recommend it to all they know This book will take the reader through the challenges of family endurance, survival and a walk through the worse time of history Lives changed by the politics of the day Again, some parts of this book are upsetting, but it had to be written Glad I read this bookI would highly recommend this to any history class that deals with this time period and to any book club that wants to touch on a reality we can hardly fathomThe human spirit is muchresilient than we thinkI would definitely recommend this as a great reminder of the atrocities of this event lest we ever forgetThe will to survive triumphed Hersh Mendel Manny Steinberg, born in Radom Poland on the th of Mayis a self made man Although Manny spent his early years in German Camps and never attended school past theth grade, he managed to always support his family while providing a foundation of strength and love Outcry Holocaust Memoirs, Manny s life story, has captured the miracle of one man s determined will to surviveThe autobiography was written to fulfil a promise the author made to himself during the first days of freedom It is an account of human cruelty, but also a testimony to the power of love and hope By publishing his Holocaust memoirs, the author wants to ensure that the world never forgets what happened during WWIINot a day goes by that I do not think of my childhood or family, but as long as I m allowed to be here on earth, I will wake up everyday feeling fortunate and blessed When the German soldiers killed everyone I loved, I knew my purpose was to not merely exist but to liveI live for my wife, children, grandchildren and now my great grandchildren Manny attributes his tenacity in pursuing his book publication to his wife of overyears Without the support of Mimi, it would have been very difficult to write my story