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#READ KINDLE Î Photography: A Cultural History â For one or two semester courses in History of PhotographyIncorporating the latest research and international uses of photography, this text surveys the history of photography in such a way that students can gauge the medium s long term multifold developments and see the historical and intellectual contexts in which photographers lived and worked It also provides a unique focus on contemporary photo based work and electronic media

11 thoughts on “Photography: A Cultural History

  1. Kate Kate says:

    This was my go to book during my commercial photography degree There was great photographs as well as background information that was very much useful.

  2. Ruud Ruud says:

    O.K But I didn t have time to read the complete book yet.

  3. Roxy Roxy says:

    History for what ever subject is very relaxing to read, and if you study Arts and especially Photography history, this is a book to have and help with writing essays.Totally recomended

  4. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    I am a keen photographer and I ve been looking for books that say something about the cultural status of photgraphs their interpretations and meanings and a discussion of photgraphs as objects of social and cultural change I bought this book together with Graham Clark s The Photograph also available on hoping that one of these, if not both, would give me something than the staid and dull how to books that proliferate.I wasn t prepared for what a HUGE book this is Bigger than A4, 544 pages of thick, quality paper the book weighs a ton with at least one and usually three four pictures per facing pair of sides The quallity of thr reproductions is terrific too.This is the complete cultural history that I was searching for, right froom the very early days The first reproduction proper in theh content is Joseph Nicephore Niepce s 8 hour exposure View from the window at Gras that s how far back the book goes.I like the author s style of writing she s witty and at times humourous, as well ...

  5. Dummyrun Dummyrun says:

    This book follows the course of history from a photographical perspective from about 1800 to the current I guess due to the immediacy of photography, and the fact that a picture is believable than a historical account, this book has a greater appeal to me than other history books I have read Photographic history is intertwined with a cultural context, across the globe Its quite an inspiring book, and several books have been added to my wish list as a result of reading this, from photographic stuff like Family of Man to culturally important books like Lonely Crowd Some of it is really well written, summarising historical context succinctly for someone like me with the attention span of a peanut My only complaint would be that there is no mention of technical photographic progress, beyond the initial invention of the camerafor instance the importance of the SLR and Nikon F cameras for Vietnam might have been an ideaI guess the author is a historian with an appreciation for looking at...

  6. boris boris says:


  7. Doctor Donna Doctor Donna says:

    I bought this when my school book shop ran out Paid way too much for it to arrive after exams Ah well Student life Still a good reference book.

  8. Sanjid Anik Sanjid Anik says:

    If you are a photographer or photo enthusiast, you should have this book in your collection Brief cultural history

  9. Christie C. Christie C. says:

    Just love this Photography book It is definitely worthy of being added to any Photographer s collection

  10. Marie O Marie O says:

    Bought this a couple of years ago for a college course I was taking my Freshman year Had a lot of interesting information and of course great photography

  11. SunshineRainbows SunshineRainbows says:

    I had to get this for my history of photography class and I love it It s a great textbook and a coffee table book I bought the first edition, we use the 4th I believe in class so I thought I had to return it. turns out the instructor said it s not much of a difference so I m glad I got to keep it Price was much affordable then the college book store Seller worked very very well with me Quick and easy delivery