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Purchased for my friends daughter as her name is Sylvie Perfect. [[ Pdf ]] ↜ Princess Sylvie ⇱ Princess Sylvie persuades her father, the king, to leave the palace gardens and walk in the woods The king is unsure What might be in the woods Then Sylvie s dog Oskar runs off after a long eared hare and Sylvie s adventures beginThis is a delightful story for young children about exploring new places and making new friends, and about the comforts of home Our family are big Elsa Beskow fans Princess Sylvie is a current favorite for my 4 year old daughter. Beskow is amazing Her stories and artwork are worth going back to again and again I like getting these books into the hands of children before their sense of wonder is diminished by exposure to our current society. Love this book as with all other Elsa Beskow s books but it doesn t have the same spirit her other books do Its simple and surface level One of the shorter Beskow books. These old fairy tales are charming I m a 77 year old grandmother and I remember my mother telling me she read the Elsa Beskow books when she was a little girl.Now my grandchildren, ages 4,5 and 7, love them just as much. Beautiful story beautiful illustrations love it. Darling, gentle, magical story. Very sweet story. A simple and gentle story, a great alternative to the other princesses out there The artwork is stunning, as usual.