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Marlon is sixteen and so far has managed to avoid following in his gangster brother s footsteps In fact, he s a bit of a geek and knows probably than he needs to about Star Wars and seventies music But one day when he is doing his revision there is a knock at the door The decisions he makes when he answers that door send him hurtling down a path strewn with drugs, knives and beatings With terrifying speed he is caught up in a world where there are fewer and fewer choices as people threaten his friends and his family The fact that Marlon is so loveable and good makes his journey all the agonising Some readers may think he makes terrible choices but the power of this book for me was that it illustrates just how few choices young men and particularly black men in urban areas actually have I found myself turning the pages of this fast paced thriller with my head telling me he was doing the wrong thing but also knowing that in his situation I would probably have to do the same There comes a time when simply telling the teacher doesn t help any and the police might not be interested in the grey space you have fallen into particularly if you are black and have a gangster brother However, this is not a miserable book There are plenty of jokes and Marvin is a loveable character His warrior friend Tish who guards him like a tiger is one of the best female characters I ve read for a long while, as were the mums who are mostly successful and strong The themes might be dark but it is a modern retelling of a classic story, reminding me of the agony I used to feel when Pinocchio promised his dad to be good and yet was led astray by the fox and the cat Like Pinocchio, we turn the pages, desperate for Marlon to find a way out of the impossible maze he has fallen into Anyone with a teenage son or a brother will recognise the heart breaking struggle boys have as they become men, as they grapple with how to protect themselves without escalating violence, getting a record or being called a grass or a coward What is the right thing to do The discussion points at the end of the book are an important way into this debate and the questions are so real that they brought tears to my eyes These are hard times to be young As Marlon says, moving house doesn t help You can t move away from social media They will always find you Orangeboy is a great read but it is also an important read It deserves it needs to be read widely and Patrice Lawrence should feel very, very proud. Really Enjoyed this book.it was a cool fast paced look at how a boy struggles between the opposite forcesof those around him who are pulling him one way or the other it follows the main character lookingto distinguish between his brother who is in a care home following an accident and his motherwho wants him to not get involved with his brothers life of gangs and violence.But the question is does he really truly have a choice Really enjoyable book Definitely YA in tone but one of the best contexts for that voice I ve read Studious Marlon is sucked into gangster London as a consequence of his older brother s bad boy past and events spiral out of control Themes of friendship, family, loyalty, trust run through the story as Marlon makes one bad decision after another. As a teenager living in London i can find a lot of the events and characters in this book very relatable this book is incredibly good and extremely well written the themes it explores are very accurate as are the characters This book was a huge page turner and as the story progressed i became increasingly hooked The journey and change of the main character is subtle but extremely apparent and is written with great prowess i love this book and cant wait for the next book by this amazing author By Tom, aged 13 I didn t know what to expect from Orangeboy I d been told it was good, and that I should read it, but had no idea what it was about Think I enjoyed it all the for not having any real expectations. Orangeboy is a truly gripping tale full of modern realism It really makes you think about the youth circumstances of today 16 year old Marlon Sunday is on a date with attractive Sonya Wilson, though though that relationship was not to last.Marlon then finfs himself being hunted They are after the mysterious Mr Orange.Will Marlon have to become the peron he never wanted to be Follow his demented brother Andre down the wrong path Marlon soon finds himself wrongfully sucked into a world of danger, trying to protect everyone he loves His best friend Tish is one of the strongest females I have ever seen in a novel, and a fantastic representative of womankind.I instantly loved this book, definitley reading again .Free Pdf rangeboy. Winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize for Older Children. Shortlisted for the Costa Award ⚐ WINNER OF THE WATERSTONES CHILDREN S BOOK PRIZE FOR OLDER READERS, SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA CHILDREN S BOOK AWARD AND THE YA BOOK PRIZEA truly brilliant bookMalorie Blackman Incredible book Thank you Patrice Lawrence for such a fresh and riveting piece of fictionBen Bailey Smith Doc Brown What a book Such a gripping, gritty storyline, with such wonderful, believable characters Loved it Tanya Landman, author of Buffalo Soldier Not cool enough, not clever enough, not street enough for anyone to notice me I was the kid people looked straight throughT ANY MORE NOT SINCE MR ORANGESixteen year old Marlon has made his mum a promise he ll never follow his big brother, Andre, down the wrong path So far, it s been easy, but when a date ends in tragedy, Marlon finds himself hunted They re after the mysterious Mr Orange, and they re going to use Marlon to get to him Marlon s out of choices can he become the person he never wanted to be, to protect everyone he loves My daughter hated it said she found the writing style objectionable She s 12 so no idea what she meant by that. If you are concerned about the rise of knife crime and confused about what lies behind it and you enjoy good writing fro young people then read this book. Marlon is a good kid but gets dragged into the murky world of London street gangs Truly believable without being preachy, a fantastic story which has you rooting for the protagonist, read it Excellent