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{Download Book} º Refugees and Migrants (Children in Our World, Band 1) ⚟ The Children in Our World picture book series helps children make sense of the larger issues and crises that dominate the news in a sensitive and appropriate manner With relatable comparisons, carefully researched text and striking illustrations, children can begin to understand who refugees and migrants are, why they ve left their homes, where they live and what readers can do to help those in need Where issues aren t appropriate to describe in words, Hanane Kai s striking and sensitive illustrations help children visualise who refugees and migrants are, in images that are suited to their age and disposition The series forms an excellent cross curricular resource that looks at refugees, war, poverty and racism making them ideal for tying into Refugee Week and discussions on current affairs

7 thoughts on “Refugees and Migrants (Children in Our World, Band 1)

  1. parenting-relationships.co Customer parenting-relationships.co Customer says:

    beautifully written, very easy for children to understand.

  2. A to Z A to Z says:

    This beautiful book takes a difficult subject, that is part of the modern world that our young people need to know about, and explains it in simple terms in a non scary way It s ideal for Year 3 6 and would be good for reading with a class I like the fact that the book gently encourages empathy without dealing too much with the complex issues of this topic the way refugees and migrants might travel and the dangers is referenced, and that they may live in camps, and there s a suggestion to make a new child at school welcome and to think of ways to help with an adult More difficult ideas such as the rejection and or xenophobia these groups might face are not mentioned, apart from a vague some may be sent home I think this is fine in a book for this age group.A clear explanation of what can be a worrying t...

  3. Margaret7 Margaret7 says:

    This is a beautifully put together book aimed at helping children understand the refugee and migrant crisis and its causes It is gentle and does not do into great depth on the distressing parts of the reality but gives enough basic information to help children understand and empathise with families and children who are in this situation The language is completely appropriate and the artwork is perfect A fantastic initiative done very well indeed.

  4. J. Brown J. Brown says:

    The explanations of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers were beautiful, simple, and great for teaching young children.I struggled with this book because it was published in 2016, and the refugee and asylum seeking situation in the United States has become so different worse, IMO than when it was written, that it tore my heart up Any book, particularly children s books, that makes you FEEL is obviously well written and important to read.

  5. J.Aye J.Aye says:


  6. Latchesara Kaymakanova Latchesara Kaymakanova says:

    Very good, and important book

  7. I am probably a human I am probably a human says:

    I love anything that doesn t talk down to children This tackles a difficult subject very sensitively Very educational but also engaging.my daughter had lots of questions reading this, but it provoked great conversation and pops up now and again in other chats.