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!Download Kindle Ø Mercer, B: Robot Book (Science in Motion) ó Drones, RC cars, artificial limbs, Roombasthe robots have arrived Dont you want your own Author and physics teacher Bobby Mercer will show you how to turn common household objects and repurposed materials intoeasy to build robots for little or no cost Turn a toothbrush, an old cell phone or pager, and scrap wire into a Brush Bot, or hack a toy car to hotwire a Not So Remote Bot A small electric fan, several craft sticks, and rubber bands make a Fan Tastic Dancing Machine, and drinking straws, string, tape, and glue can be used to construct a working model of the human handEvery hands on project contains a materials list and detailed step by step instructions with photos for easy assembly Mercer also explains the science and technology behind each robot, including concepts such as friction, weight and mass, center of gravity, kinetic and potential energy, electric circuitry, DC vs AC current, and These projects are also perfect for science fairs or design competitions This book is all about recycling old toys and electronics to make bots It describes in detail the materials that are needed and then gives step by step instructions to disassemble the old electronic toys and assemble them into homemade robots There are pictures on every page as well The one disappointment is that everything except the cover is in black and white There are 20 projects in this book The book was designed for 9 years and should be easily understandable for that age group Although, it appears that a lot of work went into making this book, I m not extremely impressed with most of the designs, but then we live in an era where we are used to seeing robotics and electronics at work I feel sure that the two grandchildren I have given these books to will be excited simply to build something that moves and works A bit too simplistic Not so good not satisfied with this book I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 13 year old nephew who is a robot fanatic He is very difficult to shop for but the second he opened this gift I could see his eyes light up He had his eyes glued to the pages for the next hour while the rest of us finished opening gifts.Before gifting this book, I briefly flipped through the pages It seems to have quite a bit of fun projects in there The cover is also very nice looking with vibrant colors I can t wait to hear about what projects my nephew tries out with this book.