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|Download Book ⚇ Shard: A Tainted Accords Novella, 4.8 (English Edition) ♵ He watches her from the shadowsWith the people of the tri worlds converging for the first Interworld Games, Shard plans to watch from the sidelines as he protects Glaciums royal family But when the woman he has pursued for over a year urges him to enter the games, he must drop everything or risk losing it allNow, Shard s head and heart are competing for first place Uncertainty digs at the cracks in his battle hardened armor Duty and friendship struggle under mounting pressureThe cool and calm manner he prides himself on is about to explodeAnd he has no idea what will happen when it doesEASE NOTE Shard is part of a companion novella series and is designed to be read after books in The Tainted AccordsReading OrderFantasy of FrostFantasy of FlightFantasy of FireFantasy of FreedomSinOlandonRhoneShard

11 thoughts on “Shard: A Tainted Accords Novella, 4.8 (English Edition)

  1. Pam Pam says:

    This has been my favourite novella of the set and maybe that s because it s the last one or maybe it s because there s so many familiar faces floating through the story or maybe it s just because Shard is so charming Whatever the reason, fans of TTAs are going to love this last glimpse into this world and the story is just as wonderful as I hoped it would be 5 stars

  2. Ela Ela says:

    When reading Olandon I had this bad bad idea who the love of Shards life could be And oh dear I was disappointed at first, then their story won me over It was a perfect ending to the TTA world Everyone is mentioned here and it s so good to see them all grown up Loved it

  3. prinniecess prinniecess says:

    Loved this whole series

  4. stephanie stephanie says:

    I have been waiting for this book for so long I love all the characters and to get stories on shard was so gooood.So sad that its all over.

  5. G. Brown G. Brown says:

    I LOVE the Tainted Accords but was sort of disappointed with this because I so dislike the heroine Arla from her actions in previous books that in my eyes she was not redeemable Plus to put her in a relationship with one of the nicest and most dependable characters, Shard, seems out of context What s also strange for me is his love for Arla just happens like being sprinkled with fairy dust or something I get it that everyone deserves love but this just came out of left field for me I wanted of Jovan and Lina too and they are only in this for little bits So all in all, this is a good way to round out the storylines but for me was disappointing I hope the author decides to revisit Jovan and Lina as focal points for another adventure as they are both highly likable, complex, and have combustibly hot chemistry.

  6. E. Flores E. Flores says:

    I ve been dying for this to come out and I loved getting a glimpse at the lives of the other characters It was well written and although I didn t like who Shard ended up with there s no way I ll ever like her or how completely different he acted it was still a great book.

  7. Book Succubus Book Succubus says:

    I love seeing this series continue through the secondary characters while still involving the main ones and how life has continued after the war This love story was just as beautiful as the rest and I got to say if you can make me care about Arla even when I hated her throughout the rest of the series you did dang good Best quote Failure isn t something to be afraid of People who are will never grow, never experience, and never discover because their courage is confined to guaranteed success and how they appear.

  8. Katie Katie says:

    I absolutely loved my return to Glacium Shard s story was so heart wrenching and warming I m so glad he got closure and a happy ending It was great to see the interworld games and see my favorite characters again I ll always love Lina, Jovan, and Rhone and Shard has now made the list Thank you so much for this TTA dose I loved every word on every page

  9. J. M. Wade J. M. Wade says:

    This was my first book of the Tainted Accords, and was a great intro for me The characters were well thought out and very believable The story line was very interesting and a great read I will now start at the beginning of the series and enjoy my way through them.

  10. Olga J Olga J says:

    I will never not love these characters Another great novella and as always I m left wanting from this world Loved everything about it.

  11. Leila Leila says:

    I fell in love with the characters, social structure, and strength of humanity in The Tainted Accords and am sad to see them go, but this series will definitely be reread by me