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!Read Pdf Á Tales Of Mystery And Imagination (Everyman's Library CHILDREN'S CLASSICS) ⚠ Arthur Rackham was one of the leading illustrators from the golden age of British book illustration Fairy tale and fantasy were his forte and in later life he responded to the dark stimulus of Poe s gothic tales with gleeful appreciation of their macabre and otherworldly qualities, claiming afterwards that he had quite succeeded in frightening himself For lovers of the thrilling and chilling, young and old, Poe s sensational stories cannot fail to hit the spot This collection contains the best of his prose works, including of course the well known masterpieces The Fall of the House of Usher the ultimate haunted house story , The Pit and the Pendulum , The Tell Tale Heart and The Murders in the Rue Morgue the very first detective story in fiction First published init has been redesigned, re typeset and republished in a handsome edition which features all Rackham s original colour and black and white illustrations A perfect gift though not for the faint hearted This book has some Poe stories that I haven t seen before which was awesome Perfect for my collection 3 This is an absolutely beautiful leather bound volume of Edgar Allan Poe s Tales OfMystery and Imagination , illustrated by the great Harry Clarke and published byBarnes and Noble It is packed with black and white, colour and red and black plates.My father bought me the same edition when I was a kid but I lost it somewhere along thelong road of my life It s good to have the stories back again in such sumptuous raiments If you haven t read Poe before it might take a bit of adjustment to absorb his florid stylisticexcesses In the introduction by Neil Gaiman he suggests reading the stories out loud.I couldn t agree Doing this really brings them to life even if you feel a bit silly doing so The book is fit to be an heirloom A beautifully made tribute to this great master of the macabre. From the Master of Detective and Macabre Short Stories Highly Recommended. An interesting read with illustrations that added to the experience A good introduction to Poe Didn t bother with the D.H.Lawrence section