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I was sadly skeptical about this book after seeing some rough reviews, but I absolutely LOVED this sequel to the Mara trilogy If you loved the first three books, and I mean keep you up at night wanting a Noah Shaw for yourself kind of love, you are gaurenteed to enjoy this book and feel all the feels That being said, this is definitely a character driven book There is an intriguing plot, but the characters really take a front seat in this novel This series is so darkly unique and I enjoy every single page of it I can t wait for the next one When I finished the mara dyer trilogy, I was so satisfied with the ending and didn t expect any new books and didn t know if there would be any new ones even though there is still a lot to discover And we do discover a lot in The Becoming of Noah Shaw.The character of Mara is so dear, important to me, and I love her so much, so I was wondering how it would be with Noah s point of view Don t get me wrong, he is also one of my favorite character but I guess I was a little nervous because I knew his perspectives would change a lot of things, including Mara s actions But Michelle Hodkin did a really great job with Noah s narrative I always loved her writing and her style, and combined with Noah s personality, it was really an amazing read Plus, there were a lot of moments, quotes that felt so true and I could relate to them That s also one thing I love with Michelle Hodkin s writing there are a lot of meaningful sentence quote moments.I was so happy to have Mara and Noah back, but also Daniel and Jamie Stella is making a come back too, bringing new characters and elements with her I must admit that she annoyed me a little bit but her role in the plot was really good It led to one of the final plot twist of the book and I admit my feelings got hurt because of what Mara did I felt like Noah, betrayed, but then I also understand why she did it So it hurt a bit, even worse when Noah told her to leave and she did, but it also felt good because we discovered about Mara and her abilities In fact, we discovered about everyone s abilities, especially with the new character Goose, that I already love.The Becoming of Noah Shaw brings new characters but also new questions What will be the results of Stella s video What will Mara do now that she left and how the others will react But most importantly, what will happen now that the first Mara our Mara s grandmother is back That was really a plot twist I wasn t expecting.I really can t wait to see what happen next I know I will be happy and nervous when I ll get The Reckoning of Noah Shaw, but I wouldn t have it any other way.You can also see this review on my goodreads profile themadnesscycle. @READ E-PUB õ The Becoming of Noah Shaw (Shaw Confessions) ó In the first book of the Shaw Confessions, the companion series to the New York Times bestselling Mara Dyer novels, old skeletons are laid bare and new promises prove deadly This is what happens after happily ever afterEveryone thinks seventeen year old Noah Shaw has the world on a string Theyre wrong Mara Dyer is the only one he trusts with his secrets and his future He shouldnt And both are scared that uncovering the truth about themselves will force them apart Theyre right The atmosphere set in these books is so amazing Every little sound can make me jump and it only takes a few chapters before that feeling returns and makes itself comfortable around me again Noah s head is a dark place and what happens in this book is quite scary and personal, but I really enjoyed every second of it Les ditions reli es sont mieux et plus durables, mais encore faut il que les livres ne soient pas d j corch s au niveau de la jaquette dans le carton Ce n est pas la premi re fois qu me fais le coup de m envoyer un produit neuf comme a Not as good as the unbecoming of Mara Dyer but it was still a decent reading, I loved Noah s POV but I sometimes felt like Mara was too different from the one we knew in the first trilogy I look forward to the sequel. Can t really say much on the plot without majorly spoiling the previous books, so just a few things I d like to point out.1 You absolutely should not read this if you haven t read the Mara Dyer trilogy first It will make zero sense You should also not read this if you have read the Mara Dyer trilogy but haven t at least brushed up and refreshed your memory on what occurred in those books Though this is technically a different series, it starts where The Retribution of Mara Dyer leaves off I was scrolling through reviews and noticed some people took off stars because they couldn t remember what happened in the first 3 books Umm What Personally, the second I heard we d be blessed with Noah Shaw in our lives I carved out time to re read the Mara Dyer books Because a Noah duh , and b because SO much happens in those books I knew there was no way I could dive back into this world and remember everything that occurred And honestly, bless Michelle for not reiterating every fact that was laid out in the first 3 books If I wanted to read all that again, I would have re read them Which I did I am glad she didn t include too many info dumps.2 This is a completely and totally different tone from Mara Dyer s POV It s still creepy and sarcastic, but it s also haunting and morose and a little sad Just like our boy Noah And Noah s voice is SO distinct What an undeniable talent Michelle has This story remains completely original It s taken turns I did not expect AT ALL.3 Mara has always been a little bit crazy I don t think anyone can deny that But home girl has kind of gone full on psycho in this and you know what I am here for it Which brings me back to point 1 If this bothers you, maybe you need to recall the prophecy that was discussed in book 3 It pretty much SAYS THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN And back to point 2 I LOVE how their relationship isn t all sunshine and roses It could never be It would never be All the circumstances surrounding them, the past, the secrets, all the unknowns, and that god damn prophecy all of this has combined and is working against Noah and Mara And I for one CAN NOT WAIT to see what will happen.4 SO many things happen in this book If you need me to point them out, I will The last 10% had my heart in my throat Was everything answered No Does that mean nothing happened Also no There were so many subtle things that were occurring that Michelle just slyly slipped in without drawing too much attention to them Why is she so amazing We got new characters, the reappearance of old characters holysh t , deaths, mystery, and that FREAKING ENDING WTF WAS THAT ENDING.5 I want her to split me open, to dig her fingers in and pry open my ribs, lick my heart and my blood and my bones Pick open my bones and suck out the marrow I want to be devoured by her And she wants to devour me just as badly It s in every look, every movement, every smile If I believed in God I would pray, beg, anything to stop time, to live in this moment with her forever Tonight is a perfect thing in a broken world, and she is the queen of it Her pleasure, searing white, arrows through mine, and I would let the Earth ice over to keep the sun from rising, but after hours of her, it rises anyway, sunlight staining our sheets, our skin THIS reads like fan fic HA..HAH AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH Please, someone show me a fanfic that s written with the same amount of intellect, snark, and distinction that s in Michelle s writing.Michelle s writing is just ridiculously good and her story telling ability is just insane Bravo for delivering something that was so different and totally not what I was expecting I thought we got most answers in The Retribution of Mara Dyer, but that was just the tip of the iceberg I honestly do not know how I ll be able to wait for the second installment.T H I S W A S J U S T S O G O O D The Mara Dyer Trilogy remains a top of mine, and these characters will ALWAYS be my favorite If you want something out of the box, READ THESE BOOKS The content is good but the book skips over pages It goes from page 224 to 255 and I cannot find page 225 Very frustrating. 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