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!Read Pdf ⚻ The General: Book 10 (CHERUB Series) (English Edition) æ The worlds largest urban warfare training compound stands in the desert near Las Vegas Forty British commandos are being hunted by an entire American battalion But their commander has an ace up his sleeve he plans to smuggle in ten CHERUB agents, and fight the best war game ever CHERUB agents have one crucial advantage adults never suspect that kids are spying on them For official purposes, these children do not exist

15 thoughts on “The General: Book 10 (CHERUB Series) (English Edition)

  1. Dan Dan says:

    Totally amazing book I really would like to see all the books so far being made into a film that would just blow my mind they are so addictive you wont be able to put them down.Seller really good and quick on delivery.I never started reading books until a dear friend told me about these books and now I love them.Thank you

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    lots of small stories which were great and one great story at the end i can t wait to see if it changes the student instructor relationship

  3. Donna Louise Leivers Donna Louise Leivers says:

    My 13 year old has read everything this guy has written and loves them

  4. troodles troodles says:

    This series finally got my son reading Highly recommend.

  5. Emma Wilson Emma Wilson says:

    My son who isn t a big reader loves this series great present if you re looking for one

  6. Mart Mart says:

    My son 11yo loves the whole series, So I am assuming it must be good he reads a lot

  7. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    My daughter s choice She enjoyed it.

  8. Mrs Savage Mrs Savage says:

    My son loves these books they have encouraged his personal reading.

  9. Stov Stov says:

    Great present

  10. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    Great series of books fast delivery.

  11. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    Grandsons favourite author at the moment

  12. keith holland keith holland says:

    not for me

  13. George Partridge George Partridge says:

    very good read and series

  14. Cj Cj says:

    Having read the entire series I can truly say these books are amazing teenage reads Your kids will love this book, with a gripping story these books will make them want to read Would highly recommend.

  15. Julie Lowry Julie Lowry says:

    To add to a series the boys enjoy the books.