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Nach dem absoluten Cliffhanger konnte ich es kaum erwarten das fulminante Ende der Serie zu lesen Ich wurde nicht entt uscht Die Geschichte f gt sich zum Ganzen zusammen und ich war absolut happy alle liebgewonnenen Charaktere aus Nevernever noch einmal zu treffen Daher war ich auch ein bisschen traurig als ich auf der letzten Seite angelangt war, denn ich werde diese Welt vermissen, insbesondere Grimalkin Der war mein absoluter Favorit Ich war auch nicht entt uscht, dass es kein kitschiges Happy End gab, denn das h tte nicht zu Kenzie gepasst Von meiner Warte aus, hat Frau Kagawa was diese Reihe betrifft alles richtig gemacht, denn wie oft hatte ich den letzten Band einer Reihe in der Hand und dachte mir, dass das Ende nicht zu den Figuren passt Aber hier alles Bestens.Vielleicht starte ich aber einfach nochmal von vorn, einfach mal wieder bezaubern lassen von der Feenwelt Meghan, Puck und Ash Denn ich glaube auch bei mehrmaligem Lesen vermag diese Geschichte zu begeistern wie beim ersten Mal. [[ Download Book ]] ↿ The Iron Warrior (The Iron Fey, Book 7) (English Edition) ⇺ The Iron Warrior is Kagawas stellar conclusion to the internationally bestselling Iron Fey series Are you ready The Iron Prince betrayed us allHe killed meThen, I woke upWaking after a month on the brink of death, Ethan Chase is stunned to learn that the Veil that conceals the fey from human sight was temporarily torn away Although humankinds glimpse of the world of Faery lasted just a brief moment, the human world has been cast into chaos, and the emotion and glamour produced by fear and wonder has renewed the tremendous power of the Forgotten QueenNow, she is at the forefront of an uprising against the courts of Summer and Winter a reckoning that will have cataclysmic effects on the Nevernever In the face of unprecedented evil and unfathomable power, Ethans enemies must become his allies, and the world of the fey will be changed foreverOne killer storyteller MTVFans adore The Iron Warrior It was everything I neededThe Iron Warrior is gripping, emotional, shocking and amazingI dont want to say good bye Such a great ending to an awesome series These books touched my life and I love them The Iron Fey Series BookThe Iron KingBookThe Iron DaughterBookThe Iron QueenBookThe Iron KnightBookThe Lost PrinceBookThe Iron TraitorBookThe Iron Warrior Meine Tochter ist von der Buchreihe so begeistert, dass sie sich auch mit der englischen Ausgabe auseinandergesetzt hat Bei der ersten Lieferung wurde leider das falsche Format geliefert wie beschrieben, was meiner Tochter bei ihrer Sammlung nicht gefallen hat Also zur ckgeschickt und dann das richtige bekommen. If you don t know Meghan, Keirran, Ethan and all the others already, then you are starting this story from the wrong end This is the seventh and last book in the Iron Fey Saga and you definitely want to have read the previous six books before this one, otherwise you ll have a very hard time trying to figure out what is happening and why.The previous book didn t have a real end, just a very bad thing happening on the last pages, which kept the reader in limbo So it comes as no surprise that this book has no real beginning and starts off just as if it was the next page beyond the back cover of book six This book too, is written in the voice of Ethan and the new heroes are the main players, with the heroes from the start of the series playing their roles, but keeping to the sidelines.Keirran has completely lost it He is not even a shadow of his former self any and has become a real threat to the courts His former friends, however, do not accept his complete change of heart and set out, however impossible it may seem, to bring him to his senses They do so at great risk and they find themselves in some really scary situations Possible death is lurking at every corner and they have to venture to where no human and not many Fey have gone before.Julie Kagawa again does a very good job of telling a captivating story full of adventures It does get darker and darker, but, without spilling the beans, let me tell you the end of the whole series is not so hopeless and gloomy as you might fear, even though there are some grave sacrifices to be made. This is the third book in The Forgotten Trilogy but the seventh book in the Iron Fey series I loved it Ethan Chase is a fantastic character I really liked him when I first met him as a frightened four year old when he was kidnapped by The Iron King and taken into Faery in the first book of the series Now he s seventeen and he s grown up into a wonderful young man Brought back to life after dying at the hands of his nephew, Ethan finds himself on another dangerous mission This time, there may be no turning back But can he stop his nephew from bringing down the veil between the worlds forever I have become addicted to this series I started reading this book as soon as I had finished reading The Iron Traitor and didn t put it down until I had finished it.The story continues from the shocking end of The Iron Traitor I enjoyed meeting all of the previous characters again Grimalkin, Puck, Meghan, Ash, Leanansidhe, Razor and Kenzie amongst others, as well as the Thin Man, who has a larger role in this tale and is not as bad creepy as I d originally thought.This story is again full of action, adventure, danger and romance There are a few twists that I didn t see coming and a couple of shocks too I love the witty dialogue between the characters and the vivid storytelling brought this book to life I could picture the scenes in my minds eye with ease In fact, I didn t feel like I was reading at all but watching a movie As the story unfolded I found myself on a roller coaster ride of emotion and had tears streaming down my face on than one occasion, as well as sitting on the edge of my seat at others Ethan s character has grown a lot He has become tolerant of the Fey and less fearful of them However, Keirran has also grown somewhat in the course of the tale He has made some huge mistakes, but I still feel that he has a lot to learn Hopefully his family will help him as he deals with his new responsibilities as The Forgotten King.It s rare these days to come across a series that grips a reader as much as this one gripped me or so I have found I shall miss these characters as they have become my friends I reached the end of the book with bittersweet feelings sad that the story and series was over, but happy that it ended on an upbeat note I intend to visit this world as often as I can.Julie Kagawa has written a fantastic Young Adult series I love her writing style, which is fast paced and exciting The flow was also wonderful, as each scene moved effortlessly into the next She has found a firm fan in me and I will definitely be reading of her books in the future.Although there is one scene of a sensual nature, it is not explicit There are, however, scenes that are violent or a little gory Therefore, I do not recommend this to readers under 15 Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book if you love YA fantasy or paranormal romances Lynn Worton I absolutely adored this whole series and it was one of my very first dips into the supernatural and one of the many world s of fey.The story continues on without any pause and you jump right back in I missed being in the Nevernever and with the many amazing characters that Julie has created This book focuses again on Ethan Chase and his intertwined story with his nephew Kierran I could go into detail and gush about everything but I really don t want to spoil it for everyone who hasn t yet read The Iron Warrior.The story is captivating, action packed and full of highs and lows for each character involved Old familiar faces that we have come to love and hate throughout the series are threaded throughout this story and you will love each of them popping in I can t go any further without mentioning Razor I bloody love that little gremlin and want one for my own The continuation and conclusion of this story is epic It would have been hard not to love all that was going on, even the darkest parts of the story It was a very enjoyable read and I may even go back and read them all again I have read all of the Iron Fey series and while I have of a soft spot for Meghan, Ash and Puck, I ve really enjoyed this latter trilogy as well I ve seen reviews where people are flinging toys out of prams or weeping or yodelling with joy over this series It has never held the same amount of emotional investment for me So I can say quite objectively that I think this is a satisfying and apt conclusion to the series While I do get annoyed with the you re dead but wait no you re not really card being played than once, these books are pure indulgent entertainment and I think Kagawa has done a great job They definitely make it on to the reread list. When I started reading the first book in this series I thought to myself I am not going to like this at all but the next night I got into it alright I read the whole series This book is a brilliant series end for The Iron Fey I am going to miss the characters in these books Packed full book Lots of magic and mystery to enjoy with many love stories involved Lots of twists and turns. Easy to read full of fun adventure love and sadness All ways moving and it was nice to bring all the loved character back for a last outing.