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( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ⚔ The Little Prince. (Livres d'Enfant) ♵ The Little Prince tells the story of a pilot who makes a forced landing in the Sahara, and meets a prince who tells him enchanting stories

15 thoughts on “The Little Prince. (Livres d'Enfant)

  1. Cocopimpolet Cocopimpolet says:

    The book is brand new, the packaging was perfect, the book did not have any damages.It also got delivered to me 2 days in advance, thank you The images are in color, exactly like the original ones, nothing to complain about

  2. wa ode iin arliani soleman wa ode iin arliani soleman says:

    One of my favorite book

  3. H. Beecken H. Beecken says:

    ber den Kleinen Prinzen eine Rezension zu schreiben ist bei dem Bekanntheitsgrad und Verbreitung sinnlos Die englische Hardcover Ausgabe habe ich bestellt, um sie einem kenianischen Jungen namens Prince zu schenken, dem Sohn eines Parkrangers, bei dem unsere Tochter aktuell ein Geographiepraktikum absolviert Und nat rlich war das Geschenk ein Treffer.

  4. Pia Borggreve Pia Borggreve says:

    Wonderful story for young and old A must read product came in time and is just what i expected it to be

  5. lipsiupolis.de Customer lipsiupolis.de Customer says:

    the book as such has very nice illustrations the delivery took over a month but it was worth waiting

  6. Przemyslaw Snowacki Przemyslaw Snowacki says:

    This book is very good quality and delivery was very fast My daughter asked for it and it means that this is the time for this book.

  7. lipsiupolis.de Kunde lipsiupolis.de Kunde says:

    So disappointed Pictures speak for itself Should have gone to my local book store and got it there.

  8. Michael Major Michael Major says:

    really bad picture quality and at chapter 21 the word time is always rime it sucks to read it it is esp not good as a gift

  9. Robert L Robert L says:

    The product page lists various formats and editions What I received was a paperback reprint from BN Publishing, though at the back there is also the information Printed in Great Britain by If this is correct should be ashamed of themselves This reprint is so sloppily done that the entire title page is missing, as is other identifying information like the ISBN Any worthwhile edition of The Little Prince must include the author s original illustrations, in their original colours, but here the illustrations are only black and white, smudged and illegible The quality of the translation is also an important factor in any edition of The Little Prince By omitting the title page in this edition the publisher seems to want to conceal the identity of the translator Which is not so surprising because this is in fact the translation by Irene Tostot Ferry, which is widely regarded as one of the worst available.In short There are many other translations and...

  10. MacKenzie MacKenzie says:

    I love this beautiful and pure timeless story It was my favorite book since I ve been little child I read this in beautiful Russian translation, however I bought this book for husband who never read this poetic tale before Never mind As described with colorful pictures and translation by Katherene Woods.

  11. Mat Jenis Mat Jenis says:

    I personally do love this book Read it first time as a child so bought it for my girlfriend couple years ago as I couldn t believe she hasn t read it yet back then.It s 2018 and she still didn t touch it But I personally recommend this book for kids adults

  12. Mumof2 Mumof2 says:

    Quite a few typos or mistranslations in this version, and pictures aren t as clear as they are in other copies Probably suitable to be read by an adult than a child for those reasons Love the story but this particular version seems to have been rather thrown together Wish I d paid extra for a different copy.

  13. R.A.F. R.A.F. says:

    A classic fairy tale of the 20th Century, for young and old When I learned that Antoine de Saint Exupery was a pioneer aviator and that he really had crashed in the North African desert, then later lost in WW2, I wanted to read of his works If you enjoy this book, then I suggest that you also read some of De Saint Exupery s factual writings, such as Wind, Sand Stars, Southern Mail Night Flight and Flight Over Arras to gain a better understanding of the man Further, the rose that features in the story represented his long suffering wife, Consuelo, who wrote an engrossing and revealing book about her life with the author, titled The Tale of The Rose.

  14. NSMedeiros NSMedeiros says:

    Really fast delivery Got my item on a bank holiday Monday A5 sized paperback with all of the popular illustrations.What a beautiful story I ve been reading this since I was 10, but I ve bought this one as a gift for my friend who is expecting her first boy and loves reading to all her kids.Classic book and great service.

  15. Maresa Walker Maresa Walker says:

    A book on many classic to read lists Easy to read but I had seen a few adaptiins of the films made from this story so expected some different sceanarios from it Still a nice read.