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!DOWNLOAD ♤ The One (The selection Book 3) ♷ GrUpWho will become the future queen of Illea and Prince Maxon s wife The final book in Cass s Selection series begins in the midst of a rebel attack on the palace The heroine, America, is one of four remaining ladies competing in the selection process in this dystopian saga Through bravery and a strong character, America has won the people s hearts However, the king continues doing everything in his power to undermine her opportunities to succeed While the contestants are competing for Maxon s heart, many other events from the outside world transpire America s father dies and leaves her a letter, she is shot visiting rebels outside the city, the relationship between Aspen and America shifts, and the Southern rebels begin attacking people in the castles All the while, the protagonist continues to fall deeply in love with Maxon even though he is involved with her competition Fans of this series will not be disappointed by the ending Major plotlines are tied up, and questions left unanswered in the previous installment are resolved here The star crossed duo s relationship has its many ups and downs, but their love for each other remains For general purchase in libraries where the earlier books remain popular and for devotees of beauty pageants, dystopians, and drama filled romancesJesten Ray, Seattle Public Library, WAA real page turner Romance, royalty, and revolution in a reality show format serve Cass boldly rendered heroine well in her quest for justice and love ALA Booklist