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A My daughter loved the book I ordered the entire series for her. five stars..VALENTINE PRINCESS is the 7th book in THE PRINCESS DIARIES series This is another one of those books that you should only read if you have read the rest of the series If you don t read them in order, they may not make a lot of sense.Even though this book is only eighty six pages long, a lot happens, and it is very funny and keeps up Meg Cabot s very fun and exciting writing style If you are looking for a very fast read this is the way to go I think it took me less than an hour to read the entire book THE PRINCESS DIARIES books are all written in the form of a journal that Princess Mia keeps Something very funny happens to mean old Grandmere in the very end of this installment that makes the whole point of the story even funnier Ms Cabot goes back to Mia and Michael s first Valentine s Day together and tells the story of that The whole book is a flashback that Mia has when finding and reading one of her old journals Although that little tricky point was a little confusing to me at first, VALENTINE PRINCESS is another winner This is my favorite book series And this book only makes it better i absolutely loved this book about mia and michaels first valentines day as a couple its always fun to read about them cuz they are such a cute couple all in all it was a fun light easy read Short, fluffy novella for the series about Mia s first Valentine s Day with Michael Her grandmere has gotten entangled with an astrologer, and some of Mia s friends don t understand the spirit of the holiday Fun, light reading Grade B |Download Book ♫ The Princess Diaries: Volume 7 and 3/4: Valentine Princess (English Edition) ♵ That is, it usually means those things But when youre Princess Mia, nothing happens the way its supposed to For one thing, Grandmre seems determined to prove that boy or Michael, as he is commonly known isnt the right one for the crown princess of Genovia And Mia isnt having much luck proving otherwise, since Michael has a history of being decidedly against any kind of exploitative commercialization Valentines Day, as it is commonly knownBoris can declare his love openly to Lilly, and even Kenny comes through with a paltry Whitmans Sampler So why cant Michael give in to Cupid and tell Mia he loves herpreferably with something wrapped in red or pink and accompanied by rosesin time to prove hes Mias true prince I love this book Really gets you in the spirit for Valentine s Love love love love itGET THIS BOOK this says it s volume 7 3 4, when it s actually 4 1 4 just thought i d let you know didn t want anybody to read them out of order. Everything fine Delivered within expected time.