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Life is never easy; never fully rosy Life is never smooth; neither too sweet nor too sour Life has shades – both black and white and we see them as we grey Life is not straight but curvy; it is not perfect but it sure is worthy Worthy of being lived fully!The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life by Dr Allen Lycka and Harriet Tinka is an insightful read depicting 13 golden pearls, courtesy the wisdom of its authors Through their conversation set around a bit of humor and loads of wise words, the authors put forth 13 essential ideas for living a fulfilling life The key ideas include love, tenacity, gratefulness, vulnerability, to name a few Towards the end, the readers get a bonus chapter on a crucial subject – fear.The authors are survivors of extreme situations in their respective lives They have fought, they have persevered, and they succeeded They are victorious because they have been vulnerable They managed to move on and inspire others because they let go of their past by forgiving people They are now on their path to bring nuggets of wisdom for those who need it the most.The book comprises a chapter on love that explains seven types of love – philos, eros, storge, ludus, agape, pragma, and philautia It essentially speaks of the traumatic experiences resulting in the inability to love Isn’t it so true? Moving on, they detail upon the lessons they learned from their experiences including their favorite movies, talk shows, idols, etc It was a heartening experience to read bits of their lives where they also insert quotes by famous people and emphasize their points The language and the writing is easy, pretty much to the point The conversational tone is a great idea However, sometimes it appeared unnatural to me Apart from this, I liked the overall presentation which is engaging and fun If you’re the one seeking some meaningful quotes and inspirational ideas in an easy language, you might pick this one up! A Fantastic Life Awaits YouTwo individuals living a fantastic life are dealt with unexpected difficult curve balls but decided to bat them away instead of taking the hit and being flattened six feet under Life is sweet and can be sweeter “The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life: Two Survivors Reveal the 13 Golden Pearls They've Discovered” by Dr Allen Lycka and Harriet Tinka straddles the authors’ unfortunate life circumstances One was diagnosed with a lifethreatening disease – no it’s not the Big C – and the other was physically attacked and left to die by love, which makes the book evenintriguing The book contains 13 chapters A few of the chapters are titled; “Love” “Inspiration”, “Vulnerability”, “Purpose” and my favorite “Fear” The stories provide hope, not only for those enduring pain due to a personal tragic situation but also for persons grieving the loss of a loved one can find secrets to moving on The stages of grief are laid out with instructions to turn pain into power That challenging one’s circumstance can lead to a sense of fulfillment beyond expectations What I also like, the book is an easy read It can be finished within 2 hours Some parts read like a memoir The stories are silky told Plus, the inspiration from page to page makes you want to get to the back cover quickly The authors boldly state that if these traits are applied in one’s life within 30 days the reader’s life will be transformed Do you want to live a fantastic life? Then you must get the secret principles Spare yourself a moping party and read, “The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life: Two Survivors Reveal the 13 Golden Pearls They've Discovered” and your life may never be the same. There are many motivational books out there but what I liked most about this one was the stories that were told to emphasize a certain idea and the interplay between the authors discussing each pearl throughout the book It was like a conversation between friends and made the book relatable.Both of the authors went through a traumatic event in their lives that caused them to take a step back and reevaluate their lives They identified 13 pearls of wisdom and motivation They call these Golden Pearls because golden pearls are the most valuable and are rare These traits for motivation are not rare, but sometimes could be hard to see depending on events surrounding a person.  The pearls they outline are: Love, Inspiration, Victory, Vulnerability, Intention (purpose), Nonnegotiables, Forgiveness, Attitude, Thankfulness, Tenacity, Laughter, Enthusiasm, and Empowerment.I found little nuggets I could take away from each chapter which also affected my thought process in different areas.  Here are a few quotes that I found inspiring.A life without inspiration cannot be lived.Victim consciousness robs us of our creative ability.Empathy levels in Canada and the U.S., in my opinion, have declined sharply over the past 40 years, with the steepest fall occurring in the past decade (I totally agree with this statement)Winners don't use excuses, they find solutions.Vulnerability allows us to struggle Struggles build our strengths if we allow them and work through them.If you are looking for a book to help you reshape your life and inspire you to become a better person, you should pick up this book It might change your life.We give this 4 paws up. Barry Allen Steven Lycka and Harriet Tinka teach us how to have confidence and be stress free This book is an excellent guide on how we can achieve our goals and be happy even after experiencing troubled times This book helps us understand that we are the result of all our experiences, and everything happens for a reason However, that does not mean that we cannot change.The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life: Two Survivors Reveal the 13 Golden Pearls They've Discovered contains several autobiographic stories that can help us to be positive, creative, passionate, and ultimately conquer happiness I recommend this book as it is inspiring and well written You can expect thorough explanations that aim to help the reader to solve his daily issues I enjoyed how the author keeps encouraging us to move on and be positive Negative words attract negativity, so let us cut those words form our vocabulary! It is breath of fresh air!Give it a try, I am sure you will love it! «The simplest way to increase your love – give without thinking about getting.» This is a selfhelp book that feels real The authors, Dr Allen Lycka, and Harriet Tinka, have been through some things Their honesty and transparency exceeds a lot of selfhelp book authors’ attempts at authenticity Dr Lycka was misdiagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and searched until he realized what his affliction truly was More than a dozen years after a diagnosis of death in six months, he’s still around Tinka, a former NYC runway model who appeared in Vogue, was brutally kidnapped, attacked, and left for dead Now she competes in ultramarathons These two are honest about their experiences, one supposedly facing imminent death, the other nearly instant death It was interesting reading.They list a number of what they call “Golden Pearls” to turn a life around Those are, love, inspiration, victory, vulnerability, intention (purpose), nonnegotiables, forgiveness, attitude, thankfulness, tenacity, laughter, enthusiasm, and empowerment The two talk about each pearl in a conversational way The authors also avoid bashing their readers over the head with “you’re a loser,” which I find in a lot of selfhelp books It’s like telling a fat person they’re fat People who read selfhelp books want to improve, and it’s humiliating to be told of one’s failings They know They just want to get better No need to remind them how pathetic they are.Each Golden Pearl has its own page number and section That’s helpful, because if you are struggling with any one aspect in particular (vulnerability, thankfulness, forgiveness, attitude) you can go right to that section However, even though I am not a fan of selfhelp books, I really enjoyed reading this one for the casual, humorous approach the authors took Their personal experiences, which are told in detail, let the reader know that they are not just talking from a “pick yourself up, you loser” point of view No, these two have suffered, and they seem like they genuinely want to help others.This passage, early in the book, stood out:The solution is surprisingly simple It’s to adopt a new mindset: “It’s not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what hap¬pens.” Taking on this mindset may be challengingat first, but once you do, life will be enormously different Everything will change – for the better Epictetus, an ancient Greek, realized this about 2,000 years ago (Lycka and(Tinka 9).And it’s something I’ve thought about How is it that Oprah Winfrey, who had a terrible childhood, and Madonna, who was raped shortly after moving to New York City, rose to such levels of success, even though they suffered terrifying experiences, while others who have experienced the same things, are spiritually broken, living lessthanamazing lives? What is it about these two women that made them queens of the entertainment industry despite being women, one of whom was a woman of color from a poor family? Well, I think maybe Epictetus, whom I’ve never heard of, had the answer As someone who struggles with the past, I’m hoping I can overcome it.The authors’ stories are told in detail right up front, which I appreciate It lends credibility to the book So many other selfhelp books tend to gloss over the author’s personal tale of trouble So much so, it’slike an afterthought These stories have a “you are there” quality to them Because they are so detailed and honest, it works I was ready to read about these two and how they dealt with these situations.Turns out golden pearls do exist in nature They are rare But as anyone knows, pearls are created because a foreign body enters an oyster, irritates it, then starts forming a pearl around the irritant The authors point out what a great metaphor pearls are For something so beautiful to be created, the oyster has to suffer first.Throughout the book, before each “golden pearl” are stories that illustrate each chapter topic Sometimes they are funny, but some are heartbreaking You’ll learn a little bit about the Greeks and the different classifications they had for different types of love That’s another thing I loved about this book There were some great facts here, along with several quotes from successful people Most selfhelp books I have read don’t try and educate you, and I find that a shame They have you rely on actions and assumptions that will supposedly get you what you want It seems like magic to me, and if you don’t get what you want, you just weren’t manifesting hard enough This book avoids such magical thinking.There is a list of hundreds of quotes from famous successful people at the end of the book, and I think these alone are worth the price The authors plan to write books on a frequent basis, and also want to hear from their readers They genuinely want to read your stories, and there is contact information to get in touch.This was a selfhelp book well worth the read I’m not a fan of selfhelp books, but I enjoyed this, and that’s saying something. The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life by Dr Allen Lycka and Harriet Tinka is a very inspirational and thoughtprovoking book written by two people who lived through extremely traumatic and trying experiences The authors learned from those experiences and grew to understand that they did not have to allow what happened to them to influence the rest of their lives negatively Instead, they both chose to move on and have successful careers and happy lives, and decided to collaborate and write a book to help others also live “fantastic lives.”The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life is subtitled “Two Survivors Reveal the 13 Golden Pearls They’ve Discovered.” Those “golden pearls,” or life lessons, aided them to get past the traumatic events in their lives and to move on The selfhelp book that they wrote, detailing what those 13 golden pearls are, is full of revelations that the authors hope will inspire readers of the book The negative things that everybody experiences in their lives, to one extent or the other, do not have to define who we are as people.I really liked it that Dr Allen Lycka and Harriet Tinka opened up in The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life and revealed the nature of the traumatic experiences they went through Dr Lycka was diagnosed as having Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) and he was told he only had six months to live Harriet Tinka was a fashion model and a Woman of Distinction who lived through the terror of being kidnapped by someone she knew, stabbed by the man, and left for dead Dr Lycka and Harriet Tinka could have let these things embitter them and alter the course of their lives and careers for the worse Instead, they moved on, grew, and didn’t let the negative things they went through define them.What are the 13 golden pearls that the authors discovered and relate to their readers in The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life? Being an author myself, I don’t want to reveal too many “spoilers.” I’d rather that potential readers of the book get the pleasure of checking out what the pearls are on their own, by reading Dr Lycka and Harriet Tinka’s book They reveal what the pearls are in a captivating and entertaining manner by both telling stories from their own lives and also by utilizing a myriad of quotes from famous authors like Ralph Waldo Emerson and celebrities like Sir Paul McCartney, Christopher Reeve, and Bruce Lee.I will mention a couple of the pearls that I loved reading about the most, though, and those are the importance of forgiveness and laughter I will talkabout a few of the other pearls with Dr Lycka and Harriet Tinka in an interview that they graciously agreed to do with me, which can be read elsewhere at this same site.The ability to forgive somebody who has hurt and wronged you can be very difficult to do, but doing so is an important step if one wants to live what the authors refer to as “a fantastic life.” The authors write about this in the book’s seventh chapter, “Forgiveness.” They relate a story called “My Uncle” told by a contributor to the book, Lauren Magliaro Lauren begins the chapter by telling about the reconciliation that took place between her uncle and her father, when her father was in the hospital due to suffering a brain aneurysm Her uncle was there with Lauren and the rest of her family there at the hospital by their side, supporting them and his brother during a time Harriet describes as “the hardest days of our lives.”After Lauren’s dad recovered, whatever the rift was between him and his brother was like a “slate – wiped clean.” From then on, both sides of Lauren’s family were back together, and she writes that “Family gatherings no longer had a dividing line.” Forgiveness is definitely a very powerful pearl we should all treasure in our hearts Indeed, Lauren describes forgiveness as being “the essence of love.”Laughter is such an important part of our lives that it has been sometimes called “the best medicine.” In the eleventh chapter of The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life, aptly titled “Laughter,” Dr Lycka begins the chapter writing about a runin he had with an obstinate camel he was trying to ride in Egypt The camel driver, playing a joke on Dr Lycka, tells him the camel he’s picked out is his “gentlest” one, but the stubborn animal refuses to obey the camel driver’s commands and cajoling.The camel repeatedly attempts to throw Dr Lycka, who by now regrets his decision to try riding the animal, off his back It is only after the ordeal is over, and the camel driver buys a Coke for Dr Lycka, that the author can see the humor in the situation and have a laugh about it Both authors relate various ways that laughter, including being able to laugh at oneself, is important Dr Lycka writes that: “Laughter, especially at oneself, tempers ego, interrupts narcissism and improves your happiness in the moment.” It is one of the thirteen pearls the two authors write about that can really make a big difference in our lives, make the problems and worries we all have seem a bit less significant, and help people achieve a “fantastic life.”The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life is a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading It is a valuable sand appealing selfhelp book that will have readers engrossed and entertained while also informing and teaching them about the thirteen secrets, or “pearls,” that authors Dr Allen Lycka and Harriet Tinka discovered The knowledge about these pearls might not make us have fantastic lives overnight, but when put into practice on a daily basis, the nuggets of wisdom that the authors write about will definitely improve readers’ overall outlooks on life and will put them on the road to becoming better versions of themselves This is a book I highly recommend you check out and add to your reading lists! 4.75/5 LITTLE PEARLS THROUGHOUTWhy did I Choose This Book: Loved the title and cover.Platform Free ebook on for my review from OnlineBookClub.orgBlurb: Two people from different backgrounds experience traumatic events that bring them together to create powerful “pearls” of growth and encouragement found in this book What I Loved:The format After each pearl, they would give a storyrelated to that pearl, explain the moral of that story, and then begin the discussion on the pearl The flow of their discussion It feltlike being privy to a private conversation than two authors writing a book together It flowed so organically Book was full of quotes from other writers and entertainers Those quotes were so well placed that it brought a greater appreciation to the pearl being discussed.Through their conversation, we can see the application of each pearl to real life What I Wished Were Different:Interactive exercises at the end of each chapter would be niceMy Ratings:Informative:⅗ I did not read a lot of information that was new to me Practical Application:⅘ Both authors did an outstanding job sharing realworld applications and examples for each pearlReading flow and format:5/5 Well executed I don’t think I’ve seen a book setup quite like this It kept me engaged Overall:4.75/5 Although this book can be considered “basic” when it comes to these life principles, it is still powerful The authors earn their worth in the practical applications they share and their engaging discussion on each pearl Their originality in sharing the information is what has me impressed and excited to read again Would I Recommended This:Yes! I highly recommend this book for those who want to live a fulfilled and joyous life This book doesn’t drastically change your life but gives you principles to apply so that change can begin This book was reviewed based on my honest personal preference Kudos to the author for being bold enough to share their creativity with the world 🤓ARC REVIEW I did receive a free copy of this book for my honest review. *EPUB ↶ The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life: Two Survivors Reveal the 13 Golden Pearls They've Discovered ⇜ Dr Lycka is a speaker, trainer, author amp; respected cosmetic dermatologist His life collapsed when he suddenly developed a right foot drop inSoon after, his right arm became dysfunctional and he was diagnosed with ALS and given six months to live Dr Lycka persisted and is here today as a result of courage and determination He is now a mentor, transformational speaker and thought leaderHarriet Tinka is a former New York fashion model, a Woman of Distinction and a youth instructor who endured being kidnapped, stabbed and left for dead She is now a Powerhouse Empowerment expert who inspires audiences across North AmericaDespite these traumatic experiences, they grew stronger, just as steel is tempered by extreme elements They wrote The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life to share the key lessons they learned to help readers find the golden pearls in their biggest challenges and make their lives fantastic too Dr Lycka and Harriet Tinka have appeared on numerous TV and radio shows in the US and Canada Dr Lycka is a multitime bLU talk speaker who has inspired audiences around the globe and Harriet is a Toastmaster Divisional ChampionI love what these guys are doing, the book is great and the work they're doing is important ~ Foreword is written by Jack Canfield, coauthor of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series Dr Allen Lyca and Harriet Tinka are survivors of very adverse situations, together they have written “The secrets of living a Fantastic life”, this book narrated as a conversation between two good friends, contains very insightful and worth reading information about an interesting outlook on life They definitely have a special viewpoint when it comes to a philosophy on how to approach life Reading about what they have been though and knowing they overcame that made me realize that they really know some secrets to live a fulfilling life style What they present as the 13 golden pears really makes sense and resonate with other theories that are proven to work I enjoyed the reading and learned a lot What I like the most about it is that it invites the reader to selfreflection. Simple light read The banter between authors was entertaining This should be an audiobook or podcast for sure!!