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( FREE BOOK ) ♂ The Stars Below (Vega Jane) (English Edition) ⚕ This is it Vega Jane has tried to outrun, outsmart, and outlast her enemy, but the showdown she has dreaded is finally here Her ragtag crew must take a stand against a fully trained army, knowing the odds are impossible, knowing each of them could die for nothingBut when evil comes, heroes stand to meet it When injustice appears, the only choice is to stand and fightDavid Baldaccis The Stars Below is the fourth novel and the epic conclusion to his Vega Jane series

15 thoughts on “The Stars Below (Vega Jane) (English Edition)

  1. S. L. Batt S. L. Batt says:

    Absolutely engrossing David Baldacci what an imagination I m not a Young Adult which is what he suggests the book is for, I m an OAP and I have enjoyed reading this very much, can t put it down

  2. Bagger Bagger says:

    I really enjoyed the Vega Jane 4book series, David Baldacci is a superb story teller.

  3. Marle Marle says:

    My son loves the Vega Jane series and the fact last one will be out in UK in November 2019, left me determined to get it from US He absolutely loved this book.

  4. Mr.A.S.Dean Mr.A.S.Dean says:

    Lovely story Enjoyed the read

  5. Tony Tony says:

    It was ok.

  6. Patricia Robinson Patricia Robinson says:

    Great read

  7. Samantha Stanistreet Samantha Stanistreet says:

    Loved it, not just a book for young adults but older ones too.

  8. andy-palmer.co.uk Customer andy-palmer.co.uk Customer says:

    not the usual

  9. Jean Jean says:

    The book was a long time coming and I plan to read the whole series through again, being able to pick up the next one right after I finish the previous one It s plot was complicated but Baldacci brought it together with an excellent finish He s a gifted, imaginative writer

  10. Lynda Roginson Lynda Roginson says:

    Great book, love the story line and the creative characters

  11. andy-palmer.co.uk Customer andy-palmer.co.uk Customer says:

    The final book in this series delivers a satisfying ending and I ws first worried that this would have a fairy tale kind of innocent ending but it gave a proper and suitable ending.

  12. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I just love the Vega Jane series, David has a way of being these world s to life and you just become absorbed Hard to put down.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Very nice ending to a 4 part story.

  14. Cyrus Webb Cyrus Webb says:

    With every book, regardless of where he takes the reader, author David Baldacci is able to capture your attention, give you characters that are memorable and situations that allow you to wonder what you would do in similar situations THE STARS BELOW, the final book in the Vega Jane series, gives you the same.We re able to see how Vega Jane has been able to fight against evil, grow into herself and still navigate the real world problems of family and friends that all of us can relate to In this book, however, the stakes are high and the cost of doing what is right is high Will Vega Jane be able to carry out her assignment and live to see a world of light That is what readers will be able to see as they take the journey along with her.So many takeaways from this book, but for me the biggie is that it reminds us...

  15. John John says:

    I got in on the Vega Jane series late but had to wait for the last book It was like I never missed a beat The familiar returned instantly Baldacci has an incredible mind and talent I never like the end of a series, but this one didn t disappoint The highs and lows the happy and sad All led to a culmination that both was and wasn t predicable But that s Baldacci for you I literally read this book in one sitting Vega and her band were developed well and finished their mission Well done David, well done.