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I really liked this for the story and the way of unfolding the mystery. [[ DOWNLOAD EPUB ]] ↾ The Things She's Seen ⇜ The Things She s Seen Kwaymullina, AmbelinNotRetrouvez The Things She s Seen et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionThe Things She s Seen Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina are a brother sister team of Aboriginal writers who come from the Palyku people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia They ve worked together on a number of short novels and picture books The Things She s Seen is their first joint young adult novel The Things She s Seen by Ambelin Kwaymullina At first glance, The Things She s Seen looks like a morsel, just a slim bite of a book about an Aboriginal ghost, a heartbroken father who works as a detective, and a strange girl who speaks in riddles But upon closer inspection, it s a substantial meal, with meaty themes and a satiating mystery What begins as the story of an unexplained fire unfolds into a layered, harrowing tale of tragedy and The Things She s Seen Underlined This brilliantly written thriller explores the lives and deaths of two girls, and what they will do to win justice Sure to be one of the most talked about books of the year Nothing s been the same for Beth Teller since the day she died Her dad is drowning in grief tATu Paroles de All The Things She SaidAll The Things She Said traduction en franais Artiste tATu Aussi interprt par Dimitri Vegas Like Mike, Carnage Chanson All The Things She Saidtraductions Traductions allemand, bulgare chinois, coren, croate, danois, espagnol, finnoisplus traduction en franais franais A A Toutes les choses qu elle a dites Toutes les choses qu elle a dites All The Things She Said Poppy YouTubevideos Play all Mix All The Things She Said Poppy YouTube tATu All The Things She Said Duration tatu Recommended for you All The Things She Said YouTube Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group All The Things She Said Simple Minds Once Upon A TimeVirgin Records Ltd Released onAssociated Performer, Vocalist Jim KerrAll The Things She Said YouTube Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group All The Things She Said tATuKM H In The Wrong LaneUniversal Music Russia Released onProducer Trevor Horn StudiotATu All The Things She Said YouTube Music video by tATu performing All The Things She Said YouTube view counts pre VEVO ,, CUniversal Music Russia TheThings YouTube In book two, she joins the others at Hogwarts and immediately gets herself into trouble Ginny is an important character throughout the rest of the series She s Ron s little sister and becomes one Sometimes a book just isn t someone s cup of tea And that same cup of tea can be heavenly to a different person I think that The Things She s Seen just wasn t for me This is a quick book and I loved the general plot idea of a ghost girl who is staying with her father while he grieves In doing so, she begins to help him with a murder mystery All sounds great but I really struggled with the way the book is written The characters on one hand feel one dimensional and very young Then on the other hand a main character tells her story in verse which reads beautifully but is so vague and every time the chapters came up I felt like the momentum was lost rather than gained which I think was the point I did think that everything wrapped up in a fulfilling way The cryptic story was spelled out so that readers could know for certain what happened rather than rely on the verse ramblings Still I didn t really enjoy this one and I wasn t invested in it. So, despite my posting name, I don t think poetry is for everyone and I think that a book that relies a lot on poetry to tell the tale should warn someone.So, listen up Much, much poetry and it s necessary for the plot so you can t skip it The poetic surprise notwithstanding, I did like this one I thought the verse beautiful, our mystery compelling, and our characters interesting and engaging.More than anything, though, I think I was intrigued mostly by this step into a culture that I ve read little about I learned a bit about both historical and modern Aboriginal culture and simply loved it.The book was not what I expected it to be, nor really what I hoped it would be, but I ended up enjoying it all the same. The Things She s SeenAmbelin Kwaymulima and Ezekiel KwaymullinaThe Things She s Seen offer the read a father mourning, a odd girl, and a ghost This is a delightful read The story is told through two points of view Beth s and Isabel Catching s The main character is Beth, a fifteen year old spirit ghost she was killed in a car accident Her father Police Detective Michael Teller he can see her and hear her Beth is helping her father with his current case she senses his depression and she wants him to see that life is worth living Beth is sort of in limbo until her father accepts her death she doesn t want to move on until he is ok.Detective Teller has been assigned what should have been a simple case a fire in a home for disturbed kids A dead body Missing people Isabel Catching is a young female found not far from the fire Isabel tells her unusual story Beth and her father realize the town has some deep dark secrets.Isabel Catching is a strange character she speaks in verse Beth is an Aboriginal she seem much younger than fifteen The target audience for this tale is upper middle school and lower high school However, I think adults will enjoy this short book also This tale addresses prejudice, exploitation, heartache, love and relationships The setting is Australia I really enjoyed learning about the Aboriginal history The Aborigine were the original inhabitants of Australia I found myself so interested I started doing a little research what I discovered enhanced my reading enjoyment With only 208 pages you might be tempted to rush through this tale but I suggest you slow down and savor the words You will want to enjoy the magical qualities of this amazing story. When does storytelling end and reality begin When does control end and pain begin And what happens when all of those things are related, but the only way to find out how is to hear the tale told This is a powerful book Yes, it s short but to be any longer would diminish the impact of the story It s also not a light, hopeful story but there IS hope Hope, and love, and above all CHOICE These two authors have crafted a tale worth reading, and one that also honors not only every woman and girl who has had choice taken away, but every woman who had that choice taken away by some person or group of people who viewed her as lesser As an animal As a slave, or as a toy.It s a dark story, but there is a light at the end And for all its darkness, it is NEVER explicit It lets the tale do the telling, lets the understanding come or not but never pushes too hard It shows, it guides, and then it stands back and waits for the moment when the Connections fired and popped And it pays homage all those who came before, those who were defined by their strength rather than by their circumstances.Such a depth to such a short book But you know those stories that lodge themselves in your heart, and then every so often they pop into your head For days, or weeks, or months they linger This is such a story And it s one that deserves to be read. The Things She s Seen by Ambelin Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina is a small book that truly packs a punch This is the sort of book you can read in the span of a day Yet, you ll find the story lingers for far longer The impact of this book is such that I do think about it from time to time after reading and I m the sort of person who jumps right into the next book after I finish with one book.The Things She s Seen is set in Australia It follows Beth Teller who is dead She strictly communicates with her father who is the only one who can see her since she died in a car accident Beth s father is about to investigate this fire at a home for trouble youth which left behind one unidentified body There s only one witness to what happened, Isobel Catching Isobel is somehow also able to communicate with Beth, being the only person who can do so.This is a story that delves into the unfair treatment of Aboriginal people in Australia Beth s mother was Aboriginal which pertains strongly to the treatment of Beth by her father s family There s also a connection in there to Isobel who also has an Aboriginal background There s also colonialism woven in as well It s done in a way that alerts you to the injustice but doesn t quite beat you over the head with the message In fact, I think this book is very well written and very well done It s sparse but worth your time, particularly for how well everything comes together in the end. Beth is a young Aborigine teen who has died in an unfortunate car accident, leaving behind a grieving father who is pulling away from his in laws due to his survivor s guilt But he can see her ghost In an attempt to help him find his footing in life again, she encourages him to take on a case that she hopes will help him come to terms with what has happened to her and bring him back to his senses The case he takes on was supposed to be a simple one, something to whet his detective appetite and help him get back to a better place mentally and emotionally, and Beth is along for the ride and helping him piece together a mysterious fire, one that then leads to several murders Meanwhile, there is a young woman who was found wandering nearby when the fire occurred, and the she tells her fantastical tale, the Beth and her father get pulled into a small town s dark secrets secrets that have been festering for years, secrets that will show just how little the town s residents know about certain individuals.This is one of those books that opened my eyes to a part of our world s history that I knew nothing about the effect of colonization in Australia on the Aborigine people I knew that the Aborigine people were the natives to Australia before colonizers came, and based on the history of colonizers with Native Americans and Africans and other native peoples, it was pretty easy to infer what most likely happenedbut The Things She s Seen got me poking around the internet to better inform myself of the tragedies the Aborigine people suffered at the hands of colonizers What I found helped me to better ground myself for the big reveal at the end of the novel Knowing the Aboriginal belief of constant circular connectivity in time and with the natural world, that reveal just clicked I was better able to see how the authors got us where the story went, because the Aborigines understand time and worldly connectivity differently than Western colonizers Things are not straight, sequential, cause and effect and neither are their stories, just like The Things She s Seen Everything at beginning and end is connected, and everything in between is equally connected And there is even an air of mysticism, almost magical realism to it all You have to suspend your current understanding of the world and just let yourself be pulled along. 3.5 This book is a good book It touches on so many themes and topics in such a short time it s mind boggling I don t want to tell you too much about the story or what takes place because it s not a very long book and a whole lot happens in it I don t want to be a spoiler of stories I ll tell some though, of course This story is mixes a detective story with a ghost story As this is playing out you are hit with tons of major issues both past issues and present through both paranormal explorations explanations and through the investigation that is taking place This also mixes in prose as well for a good portion of the story Through that, another story is being told that goes along with the main story.The story is good but all the prose stuff was throwing me off a lot It s not my usual thing I consider myself too dopey to be able to fully grasp it and find it s beauty It lost me a few times until the end At a certain point when you can t help but get it then I got it it took me a long time and the book isn t that long The end was terrific It tied things up nicely and didn t leave you wanting.This is a good book I m glad I read it because I did learn a little about a lot of things and it left me wondering about some of the issues that were in pages Things to look into now that I ve been made aware Good book I was sent an advanced reader copy for review, but this doesn t effect my opinion one way or the other.Oh my gosh, this book had me crying my eyes out Even though this book has less than 200 pages, it feels like it is a much longer story That isn t because it was a slow read I read this in just a few hours, but there was so much to this story that it just felt like it was so much than 200 pages It was so well written This is an own voices Aboriginal story set in a small Australian town Beth is 15 and dead Her father is struggling with the loss of her, so she feels like she can t move on until she helps him get back to how he was before He is able to see her and talk to her He is a detective and his boss has assigned him a case that should be simple and help him ease back into work Beth tries to help him solve the case as well as help him move on The case turns out to be so much than the simple case they all thought it would be It was an incredibly moving story I highly recommend