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|Read Epub Ì The Toll. Arc Of Scythe 3 (Arc of a Scythe) ë The explosive conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Arc of a Scythe seriesIt s been three years since Rowan and Citra disappeared since Scythe Goddard came into power since the Thunderhead closed itself off to everyone but Grayson TolliverIn this pulse pounding finale to Neal Shusterman s internationally bestselling trilogy, constitutions are tested and old friends are brought back from the dead

15 thoughts on “The Toll. Arc Of Scythe 3 (Arc of a Scythe)

  1. Alhe06 Alhe06 says:

    Pese a que los primeros cap tulos me engancharon, seg n iba avanzando fui perdiendo inter s Demasiadas p ginas y nuevos personajes, ya que Citra y Rowan aparecen muy de vez en cuando para dar un empuj n a la trama y ya Lo peor las prisas del final, pese a que transcurren varios a os a lo largo del libro No digo que la historia en s est mal, pero la parte central la encontr aburrida y repetitiva.

  2. Arkham Reviews Arkham Reviews says:

    While I have been curious about how this series would end for a while, I must admit that I was put off by the length of this novel The Toll was over 100 pages longer than Thunderhead, which concerned me as I did think that Thunderhead was longer than it needed to be Unfortunately, my concern turned out to be justified While The Toll does bring the series to a semi satisfying conclusion, I did feel that 200 pages could have easily been trimmed from it to better streamline the tale.The Toll is a deeply ambitions novel with an even wider scope than Thunderhead It tells the story is set over three distinct time periods, slowly revealing the state of things in the three years following the incident on Endura The third person narrative this time around flits between several different characters, most predominately Citra, Rowan, Greyson, Munira, Ayn and...

  3. CatF CatF says:

    BbI forgot a lot of details about the previous book but the third one did a great job of reminding me The characters were so interesting they were all well formed and I could identify most of them would people in my life already thought it was really interesting but finale books always feel about rushed to me.I d love to know about their space adventures How exactly were they to create new infrastructures on the new planets It seems like they wouldn t have the mimi thunderhead to help them on the new planets so surely humanity s mistakes would just repeat themselves I did like the idea of the conversations with the mini thunderhead I love that the story seems to be told from the computer s point of virw.What did you think of the final solution to mortality Was it explained by the original scythes why this solution was avoided before How was it b...

  4. Mrs Mrs says:

    I just can t bring myself to read another page of this book It s so, so dull and feels a little self indulgent as if the author feels he s in some way writing important scriptures I so enjoyed the first two and was beyond excited about the final part but it has fallen very short Maybe I m not in the right frame of mind at the moment but the essence of the book the parts about the Toll are the worst parts and I found myself skimming them, which is why I eventually gave up completely I did enjoy the parts on the island to start with but even that felt a little too like the TV series, Lost, at times and I wasn t really sure where it was going The intrigue of that storyline just wasn t enough to hook me The whole book feels fragmented and off topic A great shame after such an epic start and middle with books one and two.

  5. Sommer-Leigh Carr Sommer-Leigh Carr says:

    Honestly, I ve never been one to go out into the world with philosophy, it s always just incessantly ticking in my head none stop, and it s been a while since I ve read a dystopian novel.But I have left this series with than I started with Questions that I hadn t thought intently about have flicked light switches of why have I not thought this through before , and disturbing realities of I am uncomfortable with how much sense this makes, yet how immoral this is I m still learning in this world, as we all are But some things especially in the today we face require you to go just beyond your comfort zone, or simply step off that ledge.So if you don t quite know yourself yet, or you think you do, this is a must read.After all, you can t just let me tell you I can only show you how to find it yourself.

  6. Soobia Z. Soobia Z. says:

    The first book in the series was such a breath of fresh air in the world of dystopian utopian fantasy sci fi genre that I devoured it in 2 days or rather my ears did it was an audiobook This however, took it s toll excuse the pun Or may be not The book was slow to start and introduced some new characters whom I hardly cared about except for may be Jerico He she was an interesting character depending on the position of the sun Those who ve read the book would understand this reference The original concept is very interesting and thought provoking which was also fun to read The world was fascinating and world building felt so tangible that I was almost wishing it was real The awesome world building continued in this last book and I was amazed at Neal Shusterman who managed to turn the world into a whole character in it s own right, that kept me riv...

  7. Luke Luke says:

    This whole series has grabbed me like no other Not only is it easy to follow but it is so encaptivating and enjoyable to do so too.There are so many great characters and a hideously intriguing world that has been built here by Shusterman.There s no doubt I d read if another trilogy was made of this series.

  8. Jacquie Jacquie says:

    Jaw dropping, funny thank you Thunderhead , thought provoking and heartbreaking Just a few words that describe this series Perfect ending but I m a mess

  9. gaz gaz says:

    My son feel In live with the first book of this series and continued to nag me, you must read this book dad after 3 weeks I caved and gave it a try, needless to say he was right, the series is incredible, and it s a full attention grabber, the end to the series is oddly satisfying yet a million miles away from where you think the ending would go I would highly recommend this book for all and any ages from teens and up

  10. DJ68 DJ68 says:

    I loved the first two books in this series however this book the last one the toll was a bit of a let down There wasn t much of a story line and the way it switched inbetween different characters made it hard to read and very confusing Although I would recommend the first two books I wouldn t recommend this one.

  11. Helen marsh Helen marsh says:

    Excellent end to the series, I enjoyed the character development and growth throughout.

  12. Kate C. Kate C. says:

    My son loved this book he is 12

  13. Hector Coombs Hector Coombs says:

    I love this series, I m actually pretty upset it s over The twists, turns and dystopian world take me somewhere else and the characters leave me wishing i was there friends.

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    Xmas present

  15. Gem92 Gem92 says:

    Great ending