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This book contains a series of short stories by HP Lovecraft I can't say that they were fantastic but it was interesting to readof Lovecraft's work The book is broken down into some of his classics, some of his work that he wrote as a late teen to his 20's and then some fragments of dreams he had that were never ultimately turned into stories He does have a pretty basic theme, that being stories of creatures/ beings that come from some primordial past and infect or debase the minds of people who choose to explore the Satanic or even older beings and religions Lovecraft never seems to go into great detail about these beings/ creatures, rather he leaves it for the reader to come up with his own images The characters in the stories often start off by saying something like fearing to go into detail as what they have witnessed is too horrible to describe There are a couple of different stories in the midst, one involving Harry Houdini in Egypt, which I found quite interesting and one involving an incident on the planet Venus which was nicely different All in all, I think it's worth trying to find and read Lovecraft's work This is the third book of his stories, two of short stories and one novel that I've read and his style and story telling are quite unique 3.5 stars. For years the name Lovecraft conjured up images in my mind of wading through Shakespeare's Unknown Works Although I love horror, I had for some reason always assumed that his works would be a tedious and difficult read Finally I decided that I really needed to commit myself to attempting to read some Lovecraft When I read the first of the short stories in this book The Tomb I was thrilled to find that it wasn't difficult to read, it was simply beautiful, lyrical writing in a style that we cannot recapture today His descriptions are bold, vibrant, and well crafted, but easily read I had also been under the assumption that all Lovecraft included things with tentacles again I was wrong, here we had tale after tale of creepy, eerie, mysterious happenings often told through the first person, that are never fully comprehended by the teller of the tales Possible Vampires, probable witches, maybe ghosts you are never sure is the man telling you the tale mad and recounting the horrors of their deranged minds or have they truly stumbled upon ancient horrors so profound that they defy description This book contains no gore, just a creepy vibe and a level of uncertainty that sticks with you after you close the book Lovecraft is a master of the English language, wielding it as a sword and picking at your doubts Opening scabs of uncertainty are there terrible books and beings from before the age of man that would summon up the most unholy and terrifying of visions? I am told that this is NOT one of the stronger collections that you could buy (I read it first becauseshipped it first) At the end there are fragments of unfinished tales, and some of his earlier work which make for an interesting read If you don't read this book, pick up something by Lovecraft so that you can see the true power of the written word It's beauty and it's ability to evoke emotion. DNF at 30%As much as I appreciate Lovecraft's impact on the horror genre and, consequently, works inspired by Lovecraft I don't think Lovecraft's own work is for me I often feel distanced from the main character, which leads me to not actually having a reaction to the horror elements present in the stories In addition, Lovecraft plays a lot with the fear of the unknown, the fear of something other, and while I like this, I feel it also translates to xenophobia and racism at times within his work I understand the time period in which he wrote, however, and that Lovecraft, himself, was racist in this way, his work didn't age well Having protagonists that think this way is part of what drew me out of the story simply because I don't share these beliefs I've noticed that for the horror genre to truly impact me, I need to be able to relate in some way or feel for the character experiencing whatever horrors are present in the story (In hindsight, this may be why horror games appealto me than books or movies because you're playing in the first person and are thus thrust into the story) This collection features his earlier, and lesser known, works That could be part of the issue, too I have another collection that I was gifted that contains his best works I think I will give those a try since those pieces are often the source from which other authors, content creators, games, etc drew inspiration. So I read some of these stories a long time ago and don't remember them and didn't write any comments But for most of them I did But I just finished the last story today so here are my comments.Azathoth : 7.0 Very nice Mopey Lovecraft dreams about a man that is discontented with the world and reality.He : 7.0 A man born in the wrong era finds that New York haunts him He meets someone who is actually from the colonial days but has stayed alive through magic The man shows him the past but the man's enemies come and kill him Loved the view of ancient earth.Poetry and the Gods : 6.5 My idea about beauty breaking down barriers to other realms, similar to Colin Wilson's book In this one a woman reads poetry and it brings her in contact with the sleeping greek/roman gods and they tell of their imminent return and also that their prophets are poets Milton, Shakespeare etc None of the poetry did anything for me so it was kind of hard to relate on that level.The Alchemist : 6.5 Guy grows up in rotting old keep His family has a curse that they die when they turn 32 because they killed an old alchemist His son actually created eternal youth potion and has lived all these years to kill the ancestors Standard.The Beast in the Cave : 6.0 One of Lovecraft's first Not bad Guy gets lost in tunnels, finds creature, turns out to be a man that looks like an ape.The Book : Pretty cool little piece The incantations in the book push the reader through gateway after gateway.The Descendant : 4.5 Just a fragment that doesn't really go anywhere Just the setup.The Evil Clergyman : 5.5 Short and not that good Guys goes in to someone room, encounters his ghost and now looks like the old occupant.The Horror at Red Hook : 7.5 Different from most of the other stories Cults in New York Trip to hell Lots of imagery Pretty cool.The Street : 7.5 Totally different from any Lovecraft story I've ever read I loved the way he told the history of the Street But then it seemed like his predjudice problem came out talking about the good anglos and the slant eyed foriegners.The Thing in the Moonlight : 6.5 Cool how he included himself in the story since he's such a scary figure.The Transition of Juan Romero : 6.5 Not sure why it's called a transition He just went down in a mine and then died The bottomless pit thing is scary though.Imprisoned with the Pharaohs : 8.0 Harry Hudinnis name, also Under the Prymids Very coolIn the Walls of Eryx : ? Don't remember.The Festival : ? Don't remember.The Strange High House in the Mist : ? Don't remember.The Tomb : ? Don't remember. This is a collection of some of Lovecraft's lesser known stories, collaborations (one with Houdini), some early pieces and fragments.They all display the typical Lovecraft style: very verbose and descriptive yet with very little actual dialogue or typical action It's a very moody kind of horror that you either love or hate What can I say? I love it. A collection of short stories, this is my first contact with Lovecraft's writing (he is rather popular amongst my students) These stories always took inventive, unexpected turns right before I was starting to get bored That was quite impressive My favorite one was Imprisoned with the Pharaohs, a horror story set inside the claustrophobic environment of a dark Ancient Egyptian tomb, meters below ground, with a tied up protagonist Loved it! [I need a horror movie based on that.]However, Lovecraft's depiction of immigrants and people of colour was just detestable and it took me away from the stories many times Very shallow and racist, unfortunately I know this is turnofthecentury, early 1900s literature but that kept indicating to me a lack of understanding of how people tick, how complex we are, which lies in the very heart of great literature I'll try his most famous stories at some point, such as Call of Cthulhu Hopefully no racist plotlines there. Tomb is one of his shortest stories and makes for a great introduction to the neophyte Lovecraft reader Doesn't get into the mythos at all really, but is a good example of his style. &FREE PDF ⇠ The Tomb and Other Tales ☋ The Tomb short story Wikipedia The Tomb is a fictional short story by American writer H P Lovecraft, written in Juneand first published in the Marchissue of The Vagrant It tells the story of Jervas Dudley, who becomes obsessed with a mausoleum near his childhood home The TombIMDb A tomb robber steals artifacts from an unmarked tomb in Egypt and sells them to different archeologists in America This displeases the immortal woman whose tomb has been desecrated, so she follows the artifacts to America, where she busies herself extracting revenge for the theft Written by Ed Sutton esutton mindspring the tomb Traduction en franais exemples anglaisThe towers with their economic role were targeted and became the tomb of thousands On a cibl des tours vocation conomique qui sont devenues la tombe de milliers de personnes After completion of the service the tomb will be sealed forever The Tomb Actu Film Enter The TombMeeting RottmeyerThe Favour ManWhere Is HereBreaking Out Of The BoxBreaking BreslinPlan B Introducing JavedStriking A Deal With HobbsThe RiotGoodbye JavedThe Escape FinaleEscape Plan Theme RemixEscape Plan Theme Amon Tobin Remix Rsum Lorsque l un des plus grands architectes de prison Sylvester Stallone seThe Tomb film Wikipdia The Tomb est le titre de plusieurs uvres The Tomb en , film amricain ralis par Fred Olen Ray enThe Tomb La Tomba , film italien ralis par Bruno Mattei enThe Tomb, film amricain ralis par Ulli Lommel enThe Tomb, titre original provisoire de vasion, film amricain ralis par Mikael Hfstrm entomb English French Dictionary WordReference tomb n noun Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc burial place tombe nf nom fminin s utilise avec les articles la, l devant une voyelle ou un h muet , une Ex fille nf On dira la fille ou une fille Avec un nom fminin, l adjectif s accorde En gnral, on ajoute un e l adjectif Par exemple, on dira une petit e fille tombeau nm nom masculin sTomb Wikipedia A tomb Serer lomb Greek tumbos is a repository for the remains of the dead It is generally any structurally enclosed interment space or burial chamber, of varying sizes Placing a corpse into a tomb can be called immurement, and is a method of final disposition, as an alternative to for example cremation or burial Overview Shadow of the Tomb Raider WikipdiaShadow of the Tomb Raider jeuxvideo Shadow of The Tomb Raider est le prochain titre incluant la clbre Lara Croft Troisime et dernier opus d une trilogie, ce dernier va nous proposer de replonger dans des aventures plus complexes Rise of the Tomb Raider jeuxvideo Rise of the Tomb Raider retrouvez toutes les informations et actualits du jeu sur tous ses supports Deuxime opus du reboot de la saga Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider prend place Decent collection of early Lovecraft tales Most follow his usual formula: 1 Solitary, bookish narrator recalls harrowing tale, with horrors too awful to describe 2 Tortured prose tsunami! (everything is Stygian, Babylonian, or a walpugis, etc.) 3 Blames horrors on cults of darkskinned cultures linked to unspeakable, ancient evil I admit to enjoying Lovecraft for the camp factor, which a lot of his fans don't, obviously To each his own He had some great ideas, but he's basically the literary Ramones Do the same thing over and over, with minor alterations, and the same basic theme Refuse to grow or improve or change at all It's great fun, but naturally runs out of steam after a while.I will say that The Street pretty well sums up Lovecraft's racism nicelyah, a bucolic village by the sea, slowly growing into a town, then a city Oh no, horrible, swarthy people from other continents arrive with evil intent and ruin everything! In fairness he was 16 or so when he wrote it, and was simply parroting the anticommunist fervor of his era, but still, it's not hard to see how he gets a (well deserved) bad rap, given this portrayal of immigrants.Still, a couple of the stories are fairly creepy, and if you enjoy reading this stuff just for the period details or the feel of it, or you get a kick out of the our entire world is a thinly veiled lie thing, or wonder what a Lovecraft story told from Harry Houdini's point of view would be like, this will do There's also a scifi horror story (In the Walls of Eryx) that's actually pretty interesting and engaging.I should also note that I appreciate the way Lovecraft (like Henry Miller) sends me scurrying constantly to the dictionary Remember when people thought learning difficult words was a good thing? Lovecraft doesn't always use obscure or underused words in ways that are engaging or helpful the way Miller does, but at least he uses them. More interesting than satisfying Imprisoned with the Pharaohs, which was ghostwritten for Houdini(!), feels like a boys' adventure tale and only descends into a Lovecraftian abyss near the end He and The Horror of Red Hook presumably date from Lovecraft's excellent New York adventure and are full of disdain for the city and its immigrant populations, especially Red Hook, which reads like a Klanthulu tale in spots (squat, swarthy strangers with hardened faces and narrow eyeswho could never mean aught to a blueeyed man of the old folk) So it's great that In the Walls of Eryx is included here, if only for purposes of contrast One of Lovecraft's later works, it's notable because it's muchstraight scifi than cosmic horror, but also because it exhibits signs of Lovecraft fighting his way out of his prejudices If you can find sympathy for the manlizards of Venus, then Asians and eastern Euros should definitely get some, too As always, written like it was written 100 years before it actually was And it is still hilarious that the Necronomicon is invariably described as rare and unknown, yet appears in every old hovel in New England Recommended for completists, beginners should begin with one of the classic anthologies.