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Not for me I usually really enjoy Emily Barr books but only managed a few pages when I decided to put it to one side Went back to it a couple of weeks later, read about a page, got to page 14 where she smashes the birds head with a hammer that she keeps under her bed and decided that this book was definitely not for me Book is now in my charity box I am not even going to try to read one page. The book has a great story with a clever and well executed ending If you are looking for a short, gripping book then this is it The perfect holiday book I m not quite sure why Emily Barr has started writing Young Adult novels but still good writing. I found this book a little slow to get into but suddenly I realised that I was captivated by it It was an amazing book and totally original. ( Ebook ) ⚐ The Truth And Lies Of Ella Black ♐ Ella Black seems to live the life most other seventeen year olds would kill for Until one day, telling her nothing, her parents whisk her off to Rio de Janeiro Determined to find out why, Ella takes her chance and searches through their thingsAnd realises her life has been a lieHer mother and father aren t hers at all Unable to comprehend the truth, Ella runs away, to the one place they ll never think to look the favelasBut there she learns a terrible secret the truth about her real parents and their past And the truth about a mother, desperate for a daughter taken from her seventeen years ago Excellent as always The book deals with interesting, sensitive topics Heritage, Adoption, finding yourself and your own place in life The aspect of scenery and lifestyle was very well done in my opinion Rio de Janeiro was a great pick for the story to unfold The writing style was beautiful The further the story developed the I liked Bella Especially in the end everything was very thrilling, considering the fact it took almost a third of the book to get the real plot going. I really enjoyed The one memory of Flora Banks and was delighted to find that Barr had written another YA novel It has much in common with the previous one young troubled teenage girl from an affluent family, over protective parents, ends up fending for herself in some exotic location However while I found Flora an endearing, brave and funny character, Ella is quite simply an entitled brat, and I found it pretty unforgiveable that she causes her parents so much worry by disappearing in a city like Rio, when all they have done is try to protect her from an unpalatable truth about her real identity I actually was interested in her life in the UK, in LIy, Jack, Humphrey, her struggle to cover up the dark part of her identity than in her efforts to fend for herself as a runaway in a dangerous foreign city, which frankly seem pretty unrealistic The further she moves away from her past, her parents and her new love interest Christian to forge herself a worthy new life among worthy new people,the less interest I took in the story and the climax is pretty ludicrous, like the author had run out of ideas The epilogue shows that Ella is still as self absorbed as ever, no doubt still funded by her long suffering parents and on the whole I was sorry I had invested time and effort in this disappointing book. I got about 10 pages into it and started to feel very sick Basically got motion sickness from the choppy writing which I understand is used to portray her thoughts but along with the poor bird I couldn t stomach it. A bit disappointing as I guessed the plot quite early on, which normally with an Emily Barr book I am left thinking how did that happen It s not her best but still an engrossing book with good descriptions of Brazil The story was quite unbelievable too.