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(Download Ebook) Ü Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Alex Bertie, Alex Bertie, Wren & Rook: Audible Audiobooks ⚪ Being a teenager is difficult enough, but having to go through puberty while realising you re in the wrong body comes with a whole new set of problems bullying, self doubt and, in some cases, facing a physical and medical transition Alex is an ordinary youngsomething he likes pugs, donuts and retro video games, and he sleeps with his socks on He s also transgender and was born female He s been living as a male for the past few years and has recently started his physical transition In this audiobook Alex shares what it means to be in his shoes as well as his personal advice to other trans young people Above all, he will show that every step in his transition is another step towards happiness

13 thoughts on “Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Alex Bertie, Alex Bertie, Wren & Rook: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Tractoroke Tractoroke says:

    I m about halfwayhrougj Alex s book and it s really good I m not trans but I have a friend who is so I m fairly well up on a lot of the issues I think the book will be a great help to anybody wanting to get an understanding of the multiple issues involved whether to help themselves. or family and friends or even if you don t know any transgender people Alex writes in an easy to read way I was already aware of Alex from his you tube videos and reading his book is a delight.

  2. Kali Kali says:

    I ve not read it but I ve flicked through the pages It s an inviting looking book personable, well illustrated, professional Alex has done a really good job by the looks of it It seems very honest and well written, appealing very much to its target audience and the wider public.It will hopefully get a good read from the person it s being given to

  3. Andy Millan Andy Millan says:

    Wow, what a great read from a first time author, funny, emotional and informative it gave me a new insight on trans issues I would recommend this book to anyone, and if you get the chance check out his YouTube videos too.

  4. JH JH says:

    I m sorry but this book is a real let down It s formatted terribly the font is at unnecessary angles and the drawings on every page soon get very tiring I was really looking forward to reading this book being trans myself but the way it s written just doesn t make for an interesting read Alex admits he s not a writer at the start of the book and he s right, he really isn t It s not even remotely captivating or engaging, regardless of the content The way Alex writes makes for a painfully dull and tiring read I really tried to like this book specifically for it s content and the journey behind his story, but because of the way it s told everything about it is just awful.

  5. Alex Alex says:

    This is really worth a read, especially if you are a parent of someone who has come out as Transgender But it s important that I mention that if you re reading this book to gain knowledge on transitioning, please be aware that people have different experiences and take different routes through their own Alex Bertie does say this himself, but I wanted to emphasise it.

  6. chsg_lrc chsg_lrc says:

    I really wish I was able to read this book from start to finish but it just wont stay on the Library shelf or my desk for long enough It s a professional but inviting,well illustrated, funny, emotional and informative book.A MUST for young people, adults, parents and grandparents, teachers and peers.

  7. CJ CJ says:

    Well done Alex This book is a triumph Thank you for wanting to share your story.If you are a trans person or related to or a friend of someone, this is a total gem of a book.

  8. Nancy Nancy says:

    An absolute fantastic book It helped me understand what my son went through during his transformation I am so proud of him and admire his courage Thank you Alex Much love to you Hugs xx

  9. Klaus-Peter Lüdke Klaus-Peter Lüdke says:

    Alex Bertie, Transmission My Quest to a Beard, 2017.Alex Bertie, ein junger, ehrlicher, sympathischer Graphik Designer und Youtuber blickt zur ck auf seine Transition ftm female to male Dabei beschreibt er seine Gef hle, seine Situation in Schule und Familie durch alle Freuden anfangs eher weniger und Schwierigkeiten hindurch, an deren Ende ein fr hliches Leben im Einklang mit der eigenen Identit t steht R ckblickend wirkt dabei mancher Trans Stress heiter, der im Durchleiden f r Alex schrecklich war bis er mit Hilfe seiner Mutter aus seinem letzten Badeanzug seinen ersten Binder n hte oder das zun chst nur halbgegl ckte Outing bei seinen Eltern.Besonders wertvoll finde ich seine ehrlichen Berichte im Umgang mit Mobbing gegen ihn und die Art und Weise, wie er sich selbst aus der Schusslinie der Provokateure gebracht hat Insgesamt wirbt Alex sehr daf r, gegen alle Widerst nde von denen es in seinem Erleben mehr als genug gibt sein Leben selbst in die Hand zu nehmen U...

  10. Jamie Jamie says:

    Alex shares a whole lot of personal memories many of which he never mentioned on YouTube and gives a great insight into both the emotional and legal medical aspect of transition for people who know someone who is trans and very useful and motivating advice for young trans people like me There s even an additional chapter for parents written by his mom which has helped my family a lot in terms of communication and understanding each other Further, his writing is flawless and fluid, but for understandable and easy to read As a little extra, he also provides many helpful sources, websites and explanations Definitely worth buying.

  11. H. H. says:

    Premetto che seguo Alex su YouTube da anni e ho quindi seguito la sua storia dall inizio Tuttavia penso che questo libro a tematica transgender soprattutto per i ragazzi ftm female to male, da donna a uomo sia un ottima fonte da cui poter trarre ispirazione, consigli e anche ritrovare s stessi Lo consiglio in tutto e per tutto, anche se non si conosce l autore, in quanto spiega davvero tutto ci che serve sapere sulla transizione e poi ovviamente riporta gli esempi, le difficolt e le vittorie che hanno caratterizzato il suo percorso nello specifico Dentro troverete anche delle foto interessanti, molte illustrazioni divertenti e anche tante battute che alleggeriscono e rendono ulteriormente piacevole il tutto.

  12. Carlotta Carlotta says:

    Mein Sohn, der selbst transgender ist, hatte schon l nger nach einem guten Buch gesucht Laut Ihm f hlt er sich jetzt besser, da das, was im Buch steht, seine Gef hle hervorragend widerspiegeln soll.Nach diesen Aussagen meines Sohnes, w rde Ich gerne mehr als 5 Sterne geben

  13. A. S. A. S. says:

    I loved the book in general, it was an easy read but still made me feel a lot of things I will definitely re read it in the future It doss explain a lot for people who either are cis or are new to the concept of trans matters or both Educational and fun