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&BOOK ↡ What Were the Roaring Twenties? (What Was?) ↿ Flappers, flag pole sitting, and the Ford Model T these are just a few of the things that instantly conjure up a unique era the Roaring TwentiesIt was the bees knees, the cat s meow If you re not familiar with s slang, all thereason to read this fascinating look at that wild, exciting decade It began on the heels of one tragedy the flu pandemic ofand ended with another the start of the Great Depression But in between there were plenty of good times the Model T cars that Henry Ford made were cheap enough for the masses, the new sound of jazz heated up speakeasies and nightclubs during the time of Prohibition Women, recently given the right to vote, cut their long hair into bobs, wore short skirts and makeup, and danced the Charleston sometimes in marathons that lasted days Michele Mortlock hits all the highlights of this heady age that still feels modern even a hundred years later